Friday, 18 December 2015

Second Custom Chastity prototype video arrives

Still from video of prototype
chastity cage. I can't wait to try
the real thing.
The new Custom Chastity prototype is on its way!  (Take a look at my review of the last prototype.)

In the mean time Lady Fox has sent me a video of what it looks like. (behind the cut in case you're on mobile.)

As you can see, this new one has considerably less headroom than the last one. Lady Fox says she usually gets things right first time. The issue is that my crown isn't particularly pronounced when hard, so we're doing another round of design.

It's the first time I've ever sent dick pics to anybody. But Lady Fox is matter-of-fact and professional in her communications. It's not much different from dealing with a doctor or surgeon. It also helps we're not every in the same room (or continent).

It's not the fastest process, and the season is slowing things up. However, if I were paying for this, I'd be more than happy since I'm guaranteed to get something that really fits at the end of it all. I'm essentially buying a semi-permanent body extension -- it's worth treating that process with respect.

What I sent to Lady Fox. Red line
shows roughly where it needs to be
Oh, and - by the way - the whole device is not as short as it looks!

The cage and ring don't overlap so you have to add gap and ring thickness. I'm not that tiny, honest...

That lack of overlap looks like a flashback to the 2000s. However it has major advantages because any sort of rear projection or beak creates leverage when you move around.

Up to this point I took it for granted. Shifts in position could displace my dick. However, I discovered that the last prototype remained snug and in position even when I went on my hands and knees.

I'm now looking forward to trying less headroom. With my other devices, when particularly flaccid, my dick would heave my head up to nudge the top of the headroom. Then when I got hard, get awkwardly stuck.

So, take a look at the video behind the cut:

I suspect that once you've had any sort of custom device, you can never really go back to off the peg... I'll keep you posted.

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