Saturday, 16 April 2016

Four more days in my Custom Chastity customized Ghost

I seem to have slipped into another chastity "marathon". Or perhaps this is business as usual now... we'll see.

A few months ago, we established a routine. Every night, I'm not allowed to leave my corner until Xena has handed out demerits and penalty days. This means I'm not put in the "meta" position of nagging her for discipline.

Now we've proven I can wear my new chastity device 24/7, we've added another item to the check list: tomorrow's "locked" status. Last night Xena came in from a girl's night out and fell asleep almost instantly, so I remained locked by default.

So that's four nights and as many days (counting today). I've jogged and showered, gone shopping and socialised as normal. I even used the urinal in a coffee shop - it's safe enough if there's nobody to see when you get lined up, and if you use one corner.

I started my last marathon with an abrasion that then refused to fully heal while wearing 24/7 - the contact kept disrupting the scab.

This time, I went in with healthy skin and fine after four days. The only issue I did have was when the scrotum in contact with the underside of the tube got a bit pink and raw looking - the effect of skipping a shower. When I did shower and dry properly, the problem went away. So the rule is, keep clean!

The Ghost stays put and doesn't shift around. There's also no problem with morning wood - actually I've been wearing every night for over a month and had no problem with it. Peeing is easy as long as I take a moment to get lined up. The device is invisible under my clothes, especially using the cable tie so there's no padlock bump. It's also supremely light; an exoskeleton rather than a second skin.

Lady Fox has recently quit her day job to devote herself to making a proper business out of Custom Chastity. I have a feeling she's going to be busy...

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