Monday, 25 April 2016

Xena crosses another FLR line and sentences me to five additional days without orgasm

"And you can add five penalty days." 

"And you can add five penalty days," says Xena as she gets ready for work.

"What?" I blurt. "But I already have ten."

A penalty day defers my orgasm by a working day, so now I suddenly have three whole weeks to survive without coming -- this after a spectacularly sexy romantic weekend (which I promise to blog about) preceded by a couple of orgasm free weeks.

All that whirls through my head and my cock inflates in its cage... the cage I haven't removed for five days.

"That seems to be the only way to get you to take me seriously," says Xena.

She's not... abusing her power. I blew up over domestic stuff... lost my temper Basil Faulty style, and she hates it when I do that and we have this contract so...

And right then, it didn't feel like a game to either of us.

Fifteen days is far far longer than I would volunteer for. I mean it turns me on that she can do that to me, but -- bloody hell -- I don't want to live through it.

And my wife not only knows it, she knows I will obey her -- maybe it's because of the cage.

"Oh," says Xena. "It goes up by 50% each time. So next time it will be 7.5 penalty days." As she leaves for work, she adds, "And I want a clean kitchen when I get home."

This happened before with demerits - something clicked and she started using them when she was genuinely angry. Now it's happening with penalty days.

It is both terrifying and a turn on and...

Most of all it's validation. I think most submissives are afraid of finding out they are really doing it on their own and that their partner is merely going through the motions to humour them.

But not this morning. There was no humour this morning.

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