Friday, 17 June 2016

NEW RELEASE! How to Ask For Kink: A Very Short Guide

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There has never been a better time to ask for kink! Thanks to the media and… a particular book, the cat o’ nine tails is out of the bag; kink is in the air!

Even so, for those already in relationships, it's hard to open up and make yourself vulnerable by asking for the unusual in bed. 

It’s also possible to get in a muddle and go horribly wrong, forever losing the chance of getting the kink you could have had.

In this very short guide, experienced kinkster Giles English shows you how to effectively ask for any sort of kink without being pushy, annoying or whiny. (He also covers how not to do it and why not...)

Concise chapters cover:
  • Why it's a good time to ask for kink (as long as it's between consenting adults). 
  • What your responsibilities are. 
  • Why commonly suggested approaches are bad ideas. 
  • How to pick which kinks to ask for. 
  • How and when to ask (which is both simpler and more complicated than it seems). 

It's short. It's sensible. Click here to read it and take the first steps to exploring your kink, whatever it is.

Learn how to how to walk the same Femdom path with your partner! 

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