Thursday, 2 June 2016

The DickBug - the simple digital device that will transform male chastity

 The elephant in the room of male chastity is that, without piercings, male chastity devices don't actually work. I mean, we can slip our dicks out the back if we really want. Yes, mostly we don't want. Even so, there's something nice for us about being securely locked, and our keyholders may appreciate the certainty. Trust is good, but it's nice not to have to.

A while back, I described a complicated device called the DickBit which would have a lot in common with the legendary DreamLover2000.

However, it doesn't need to be that complicated!

An easy win for somebody with access to the right electronic design skills would be the DickBug.

The DickBug is a simple ring that integrates with a ball-gripper chastity device.

It comprises:
  • Two pulse-rate sensors, left and right.
  • A red LED
  • A reset button only accessible if you unlock the chastity device and remove the DickBug.
If both sensors don't read the same pulse, then the warning light starts flashing. 

Having two sensors means that if you pull out but jam your fingers in, you are really unlikely to get a good pulse on both.

So: no WiFi or Blue Tooth, no big batteries or need for a girdle. Just a DickBug.

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