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Experimenting with a snug male chastity device – the perils of turtling and morning wood

Getting smaller!
Most of us chastity fetishists crave a device that fits like a glove, and that can be worn 24/7/365/??.

One out of two is good! I’ve been wearing my custom Custom Chastity device by default for a year now.

It comes off for reasons of practicality and (sometimes) good taste. However, I’ve worn it for over a week at a stretch without being aware of the passage of time. As in, "Oh I haven't unlocked for a week."

I’ve also done a whole month with no bad effects … though that was more mentally wearing because, though the device is comfortable and hygienic, it’s still a lumpy thing locked to my genitals, meaning I have to take a little care not to be caught out.

Left to right: Snug CC, regular CC,
HT2, then CC prototype in front.
So I'm pretty sure I could  wear my Custom Chastity device for a year straight if it were practical.

Even, so I really do crave a chastity device that fits like a glove.

Of course it’s a kink thing – we chastity fetishists want to feel tightly locked.

However, it’s also a practical thing. A truly snug device really would be invisible under clothing. In theory, at least, the urethra would also always be automatically lined up with the pee slot.

Custom Chastity prototype
So I challenged Lady Fox of Custom Chastity to produce something really very close fitting.

She was keen to experiment with a willing subject. On my part, I was overjoyed to be able to experiment at all, because custom-made male chastity devices – especially high-spec surgical nylon ones - are not cheap.

I took careful measurements using a proper set of calipers and she produced a prototype – she uses a brittle white plastic these days, which gives you a much more exact match to the final product.

The prototype really did fit like a glove. 

(Go no further if you prefer not to see a picture of me wearing the final product.)

Prototype and final device
incorporating modifications.
However, my penis would sometimes get stuck in the tube part of the cage and I’d have to prod away at it with a Q-tip to get the head back into the bulb.

I put this down to natural movement so we agreed to increase the length of the bulb by a few millimetres, and widen the tube just a little so I wouldn’t get stuck.

Two weeks later and the final model arrived. It was... beautiful.

The finish was still eggshell, so had the paradoxical ability to grip without sticking, just like my current device. However, it was smoother with a more consistent finish. Clearly Custom Chastity are achieving higher standards as they gain experience.

A precision chastity device!
It was also made exactly to measure. This was a precision chastity device!

It really did fit like a glove. The only way in was the stocking trick.Once installed, the surgical nylon touched but did not press on my skin. It could have been painted on.

So, did it work?



Well, sort of.

It was essentially a two millimetre carapace around my cock. So the device was utterly invisible under clothes and unobtrusive to sleep in.

Peeing was no problem. The perfect fit around the head meant that most of the time I was lined up properly, and if not, I merely needed to nudge myself into alignment with a finger tip.

Getting turned on was mind blowing. There really was no room to swell, so it felt like a big hand clenching and unclenching around my shaft. Just wow.

Security-wise, it was a considerable improvement.

Yes, I could still pull my dick out the back as you can with any ball-gripper. However, even with lotion, I couldn’t easily get back after pullout  in because my scrotum filled the floor of the tube. Perhaps I could have done it given ten minutes of fiddling, however not if my head was swollen from having recently masturbated. For similar reasons, the prospect of ejaculating while wearing the tight device was not attractive.

So in summary:
  • Looks great.
  • Very practical.
  • Secure (as in you can't get back in after pullout for a wank).
  • A real head fuck to be turned on in.
All this was great. Once I had the thing installed, I had no desire to take it off... ever.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that the male anatomy created issues with the precisely snug fit:

Catching (due to natural movement)

Since the fit is exact, the tube fits around my shaft and is too narrow for my head.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the penis shifts forward and back with normal movement. This meant that, say, squatting or kneeling while doing chores would pull the penis back just enough for the crown to catch on the forward edge of the tube.

Turtling (the dick’s natural defense mechanism)

I was still getting stuck in the tube part of the cage, meaning peeing involved poking around with Q-tips and there was no guarantee that erections would be properly seated. I had one particularly painful morning wood where my dick got lodged in the tube, went rock hard and tried to tear off my balls. Ouch!

A bit of googling and I discovered the phenomena of “turtling”. Basically, when it detects danger, the penis retreats inside itself. This gives the embarrassing impression of a micro penis. However it’s a useful defence mechanism evolved to protect our fragile dicks from thorns and teeth and god knows what.

I realised my penis turtles when I get into a hot bath, or cold water, and sports. The snug fit seemed to set off the alarm bells, then trap the offending member in retracted position.

I managed to reduce the stress a little by wearing a looser base ring. However, that just seemed to give me a few hours extra grace before turtling set in.

Unsightly Bulges (Edema)

Those extra few hours revealed the second problem: edema.

Though the cage was a close rather than squeezing fit, it turned out that the skin of my penis swells and contracts more than expected. After about eight hours, I ended up with puffy flesh bulging through the device’s cut outs. This seemed to set off a definitive turtling, and the experiment ended.

Small Base Ring Makes Poor Foundation

During all this, I also discovered an unexpected issue with having a snug device: a small base ring provides a poor anchor to hold down an erection.

I like a small base ring: it lets me close my legs more naturally, and of course there’s that wonderful locked feeling. I started off with the smallest of my three rings, one that I could barely get each testicle through.

The problem is that the ring squashes the scrotum into a narrow neck around the penis, meaning it doesn’t act as a stay to stop the penis rearing up painfully in its cage. A wider base ring creates a kind of triangle with the scrotum… I’ll have to blog more on this and make a diagram.


A snug fitting device is great if you can get around the following problems:

Close fitting tubes:
  • Cause the crown of the head to catch during normal movement.
  • Trigger turtling, resulting in the penis being trapped in the tube. 
  • Cause unsettling edemas during wear for more than a few hours.
Small base rings:
  • Don’t restrain the erection properly because of the geometry.
Could a snug device work? If I did this again, I would go for...
  • A perforated tube (i.e. the Leopard) rather than one with cutouts. This would hopefully reduce the risk of edema. (Though would this be less hygienic compared to the Ghost's fretwork tube?)
  • A tube the same cross-section as the bulb, in other words, banana shaped with no sculpting for the head of the penis (might not work for somebody with a foreskin.) This would (a) prevent catching and (b) hopefully not trigger turtling.
  • A medium base ring.
I’m very grateful to Lady Fox of Custom Chastity for having enabled me to perform this experiment.

It settles that nagging question, “Could I go tighter?”

The answer is, "Probably, but not too tight."

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