Monday, 25 March 2019

A Hard Chastity Manifesto?

The problem with permanent chastity is that though we are justified it to mean "sealed in long term chastity" it sounds more like a claim to perpetual chastity, which is both unrealistic, and not usually what people intend.

I think "Hard Chastity" is a better term.

"Hard" has meanings like firm, unyielding, unsentimental, unsympathetic/lacking compassion, harsh/rigid, and  we use the terms like "hard vacuum", "hard agreement" and "hard time".

So I propose that we use "Hard Chastity" to describe the starkest device-based chastity practices, with the scope limited to the genitals - no pedantic nitpicking around "it's not hard chastity unless you sleep in separate rooms and only think pure thoughts:

  • Chastity Device is sealed such that release requires a positive decision. This means that a combination of time, expense and care deter casual release or escape.  A cable-tie or a cheap padlock don't count. Nor does the device come off for cleaning, teasing or whatever.
  • The Chastity Device is a done deal or body modification. The Dominant (if they exist) is not a "keyholder".  There's no dialogue around locking and unlocking, nor is hard chastity used as leverage or currency. The dominant can - and probably will - order release at some point, but this will not be a casual decision. In general, in Hard Chastity, no aspect of the relationship is about your genitals.
  • No orgasms other than wet dreams and spontaneous ejaculations. It's not hard chastity if you or your partner are getting you off with pegging or milking. 
  • Expected to last at least 3 months, open ended at least to 9 months. In hard chastity, you accept to your state rather than endure until release. Three months is the average time to adjust to a new condition. Nine months is the same time again twice, to ensure that time adjusted is more significant than time adjusting. (This point implies that the device has to be fit for long term wear.)

So, "sealed", "done deal", "no orgasms" and "open ended".

The last point is the one I'm not quite sure about. When Xena had me seal myself in, I expected to be stuck for a month or so, not seven months and counting. What's should the time stipulation be?

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  1. What is very interesting is that freed of the opportunity to orgasm so many men can look seriously in on themselves. They are spending so much less time playing with themselves and more time thinking about the meaning of life and a chaste life at that.

  2. Yup I totally get it but no orgasm for months, well hmmm...oh boy!

    1. It's disconcerting how easy it is to get used to that. I just passed 9 months.

  3. "It's not hard chastity if you or your partner are getting you off with pegging or milking."
    It would be interesting to know relative numbers, of couples practicing your hard chastity and of couples doing that, too, but also including pegging or milking. If the latter is much more numerous than the former, your classification seemed unnecessarily narrow.
    More to physiology and health: do most older men still have wet dreams when denied all other release? And if they hadn't, would your hard chastity be unhealthy?

  4. No, because that's a different kind of chastity and would need its own term.
    I'm not sure about the health issues, but last time I checked the percentage risks were small.


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