Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The lure of the Dark Lady

 The downside of being a sub is the lure of the Dark Lady.

She's the super bitch who will take your submission as a victory in the battle of the sexes, use and abuse you, then - when there's no fight left in you - leave you in a bleak darkness.

You know the relationship is doomed, you know that she will break your heart--

--and that's why you stay. Not because every moment is precious, but because every moment is an adventure. You don't know when you will be slapped or slapped down, when she'll make you weep, or when you'll make love to her as you weep.

She'll never make you happy, never mistreat you in the way you want to be mistreated, but she pushes all your buttons, and so you stay as long as she does.

Later, will you look back with nostalgia?

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