Monday, 27 August 2012

Coming soon: How to Ask for Kink

There are 50 shades of  pain on the forums!

It's not just men seeking Femdom, it's subs and doms of both sexes looking for some satisfaction in their vanilla partners. And it's not just about D&S. There are as many kinks as there are kinky people...

And when these kinky people - clever, articulate people - approach their vanilla partners, it's as if their brains stop working. (Perhaps the blood is going elsewhere?)

Would-be kinksters become needy, wordy, naggy and entitled. They become so clumsy that they nudge the kink further away. It's like watching a drunken dinosaur chase a butterfly.

Not pretty.

So, I'm going to write a book for men and women, for people with any sort of kink, rather than just D&S urges, and I'm going to call it "How to Ask for Kink".

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