Thursday, 3 April 2014

6 things I'd like to see in the Holy Trainer 3

So far my experience of the Holy Trainer 2 has been fantastic! It's a lockable second skin that doesn't let you get an erection.

However, there is technology I'd love to see in the Holy Trainer 3. Here it is in reverse order of plausibility.

  1. More sizes!
    Especially smaller. 
  2. More colors!
    Especially realistic skin tones.
  3. Regular plastic if that's tougher!
    Though it's nice, there's no need to bother with the bio-resin. Plastic is fine as long as its tough.
  4. Built-in time lock! 
    Nice if this were clockwork, but digital would do. This would get around the whole self bondage shenanigans, and also be great fun for the key-holder since a sentence would be irrevocable.
  5. Pull-out detector!
    No ball trap device can be 100% secure without piercings. However, it must be possible to devise something that detects pullout. This could be as simple as a spring-loaded button that blocks the tube if you pull your dick out, or as complicated as an electronic gizmo that beeps and flashes randomly and doesn't stop until the device is unlocked.
  6. Blue-tooth bio monitor telemetry thingy!
    Let's have a magic button that provides telemetry to the keyholders, especially detecting tumescence and emission.

However, while I'm waiting for the future to come along, I'll "enjoy" my Holy Trainer 2.

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