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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Installing your Holy Trainer 2 chastity device

All pictures borrowed from
the Holy Trainer website
UPDATED 29 May. Skip to Step 6 to see the new Easy Method.

To say that the Holy Trainer 2 is snug is probably an understatement. It's as close to what you'd get if you dipped your dick in molten plastic and let it set in place (but without the trip to the ER!).

One it's on, you'll easily forget you're wearing it. Sleeping is no problem, nor does it get in the way of work or (most) exercise.

However that snugness makes it just  a little bit hard to "install" properly the first few times. Once you have the hang of it, it goes on as easily as a tight pair of jeans.

The instructions on the site are well illustrated  (I'm going to borrow them here), but not quite detailed enough, so I've written some new ones.

Before you begin

You need a Holy Trainer 2 that fits snugly. This means that the tube should be the same length or slightly shorter than your flaccid penis, thus ensuring your peehole lines up with the slot. (If you fit the DHGATE A080, then the smaller Holy Trainer 2 is for you.) The base ring needs to be tight but not insanely tight. Measure and experiment before ordering.

When you get your device, check for any sharp edges and corners. I don't mean sharp as in "slice your dick sharp"! However the downside of the precise molding is that some of the corners can feel spiky. You can fix this with a fine file or sandpaper. Don't go crazy, just take the edge down a tiny amount and test with your tongue.

To get the device on you need a few minutes of privacy somewhere warm and either body-friendly lotion or a nice shower. (Showering and then drying is surprisingly easy in the Holy Trainer 2.)

Step 1: Lube the device or shower it and yourself

Lightly moisturize you genitals, or else shower yourself and the device then rinse off thoroughly.

Step 2: Get your balls through the base ring

Yes, this is likely to happen the first time
you put on your Holy Trainer
Pull some scrotum (your sack) through the ring, then push one ball at a time through from behind.

The ring should feel tight but not torture.

Step 3: Get your cock through the base ring

If you got hard, wait until you've calmed down a bit (the body seems to get used to this, so after a while your erection will go away on contact with the ring).

Hook the fingers of one hand back through the ring so as to protect the cock from the corners of the locking assembly.

With the other hand, if you can, push the head of the penis into the shaft as if turning your cock inside out (ewww), then push it down into the ring.

Finally pull your penis through and push the ring back so it is seated properly.

Step 4: Install the penis tube

Either lube up the tube or give it as quirt from the shower. Angle it down to avoid nipping and carefully slide it into place .

You will notice that your dick isn't anywhere near the end of the tube. Don't worry, we'll come to that.

Step 5: Lock the device

This can be hard unless you know how, after which it becomes easy.

The trick is to firmly pinch the device between your fingers (on the tube ring) and the thumb (on the tube) so that the two parts are pusher together in the correct alignment.

The magic locking thingy should slide in easily. If it doesn't slide in easily, change your grip! Don't force the locker in.

Step 6: Position your penis inside the chastity tube

When I first tried this using a Q-tip, I ended up stabbing myself in the urethra! However, after a while I came up with a better system. Here it is:

Chastity is more fun when you have
somebody to serve
If you are in the shower, turn the output to cold and squirt the water up the inside of the tube, thus shrinking your dick. Tug the scrotum to make sure the ring is positioned against the body. Tilt the tube up as if you were having an erection and shake to unstick your dick. At the same time push the tube gently down the shaft. 

Repeat until the head of your dick is firmly lodged against the inside of the tip of the device. 

EASY METHOD: If you are not showering (or after showering), get a rounded-headed Q-tip and insert it through the front slot down the side of your penis. (Do not push it into your urethra/pee-hole!).

Now roll the Q-tip between finger and thump, walking the head all the way around your penis between skin and tube. Do this a couple of times and the shaft becomes unstuck and the head pops into place.


Chastity is more fun when you have somevody to serve! Find out how to introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship!

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