Sunday, 24 January 2016

How I lost 1 kg every month thanks to Femdom and Male Chastity!

Femdom works miracles if you treat
it as real.
Femdom works miracles if you treat it as real.

(Well actually, I think it is real as soon as it becomes about what she wants. BDSM has a culture of pretending it's a game, forgetting that some games, like soccer, are real.)

Xena rations and controls my orgasms. She also gives me demerits resulting in strokes of the whip - it's all in our Female Led Relationship Contract.

All this excites me, but the frustration is sometimes unbearable and the whipping is always painful enough to make me want to avoid it. So the discipline may be kinky, but it's real.

Also in our FLR contract is the following clause:
He will report any measurable professional or personal targets Xena might want to manage.
I'm overweight (much less overweight now than I was, but we'll get to that). I've tried various diet and exercise regimes, but the one that works is really simple:
Of course, Xena can lower my weight 
ceiling at any time... 
  • I weigh myself daily and record the result. Missing a weigh-in or increasing weight earns me a demerit.
  • Going over a ceiling set by Xena costs me a penalty day, meaning my weekly orgasm is put back.
  • Missing a monthly target also set by Xena results in dire punishment.
(EDIT: This is pretty much an enhanced version of the weight-loss system spelled out in this NHS article. See the first comment (below) for some sensible dietary advice from "HH".)

Doing this, I steadily lost one kilogramme a month through most of last year. Over Christmas, I managed to put on a kilogramme and a half. 

Needless to say, I haven't had an orgasm since before Christmas and I've been very very motivated to lose the weight again. 

I've succeeded, but not fast enough to stop the the penalty days from mounting up (the twist is that only weekdays count, so five penalty days earn me a week of chastity). 

So now I can't have an orgasm until early next month. This has concentrated my mind like nothing else and I'm back on track. 

Of course, Xena can lower my weight ceiling at any time... 

Learn how to how to walk the same Femdom path with your partner! 


  1. humillimus humilium25 January 2016 at 03:47

    If you actually want to lose weight, diets are useless. You need to change your basic eating habits.

    1) Cut out added sugar as far as possible. If you need a sweetener, use a natural one like maple syrup. Never take artificial sweeteners.

    2) Avoid refined carbs, like white bread. White potatoes are also really bad.

    3) Don't eat "low-fat" foods, since the removed fat is replaced with sugar and various chemicals.

    4) Eat food that's as close to the state it was in when it was alive. That is, buy fruit, vegetables and meat in fresh, non-messed-with states before cooking them (or eating them raw, of course).

    5) Avoid any processed (i.e., pre-prepared food). Processing puts in unhealthy chemicals and makes the body digest the food into glucose far too quickly. This is really bad for weight regulation.

    I won't go into the details, but basically processed food is bad for the metabolism, causing the body to store fat and "feel" like overeating. Eat simple, fresh food, and you'll stay "full" for a long time and your body will figure out for itself the right amount to eat. The whole "cut down on fat and just exercise more" diet advice that's been flogged (ha ha!) for decades now clearly is a failure.

    Finally, it's entirely pointless to weigh yourself every day. The variation from one day to the next signifies nothing. Pick one day a week and stick to it (I find Saturday morning first thing after I get up a good time). That'll give a reasonable sense of how you're doing.

    If you eat better, you're body will naturally regulate itself. If you adopt a better, healthier mode of eating, you'll lose weight more gradually than with a special "diet", but diets generally fail (and because of the subsequent tendency to binge they can actually leave you weighing more in the long term). A permanent improvement in eating habits leads to permanent gains in lower weight and increased overall health.

    Hope this unsolicited advice is helpful. Regardless, much success with the weight loss!


  2. Thanks! I'm pretty much doing 1 - 5, which I should have mentioned in the blog entry. It is the discipline system that helps me stick to it.

    The daily weighing is actually useful, not because it is scientifically valid (though I can pick the best moments to weigh myself based on digestion and other TMI) but psychologically.

    The longer term trend emerges over the days and weeks, add the discipline and the whole thing becomes an exciting roller coaster ride.

    It's not particularly fair that I get punished for a 0.2 kg gain between Saturday and Sunday, but it keeps me focussed on moving down and eating sensibly.

  3. What a fantastic reward/punishment system to loose weight
    Congratulation on your weight loss last year. Keep focus and you will be reward next month.

    1. Thanks! My rewards tend to be more of the "not punished" kinds...

  4. I enjoy that the punishment is there, but it's sufficiently severe that I tend to try to avoid it.


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