Friday, 21 April 2017

A first look at the new Magic Lock Custom Chastity device! (including pics of me wearing it)

Today, for the first time ever, my wife went to work with the key to my chastity device, leaving me locked in with the emergency key sealed away for real emergencies. She could do this because there is no routine practical reason for taking off the device.

Yes, Custom Chastity have produced a "magic lock" male chastity device. They sent it to me to review and I'm wearing it right now!

I can't show you a picture of it without me wearing it because when it arrived I hurriedly put it through the dishwasher then locked myself into it. That was Tuesday - today's Friday - and I haven't taken it off since.

Look, here I am!

Yes, really. I'm wearing it under tight stretchy trousers. Look again...

It's got such a flat profile, it's not even obvious under underpants:

The product picture on the Custom Chastity website doesn't really do it justice: there's no dick to give it scale, and, unless you look closely, it's not really obvious that half the lock is embedded  in the base ring hood:

The result is a very low profile.

Most male chastity devices feel as if you have your dick rammed inside an Imperial Destroyer, the superstructure jammed against your pubis, sticking out under your clothes:

(RL friends might want to stop reading here if they don't want to see the device locked onto my man parts.)

The old metal cages with padlocks are the worst offenders:

Even the sleek Holy Trainer 2 has a major bump, partly because of the perverse forward placement of the lock:

The same is true of the Custom Chastity padlocked devices:

Even with a cable tie, your dick looks as if it's equipped to take on the Rebels:

At worst, the locking superstructure makes the device top heavy - certainly true of the Chinese metal ones - and digs into your groin when you bend over in tight trousers. At best, it makes a bump in your trousers, not noticeable at a glance, but certainly suspiciously solid.

Not so the new Custom Chastity magic lock device. The line still rises up off the tube, but smoothly, in two shallow steps:

The final bump is really just a bump. You still end up with an oddly rigid package if you prance around in your underpants for too long, but I would confidently change into sports clothes while other guys were around.

The aesthetic is nicer too. This is the first device since the Holy Trainer that Xena has liked the look of, rather than merely thought it was "OK": 

Finally, you'll note that I'm wearing a custom Custom Chastity device, made to very exact measurements. The first attempt didn't work out - it turns out that too exact a fit causes issues (read about it here). This time I risked trusting my conclusions and asked for a banana shape, with no bulb.

So far it's worked wonderfully! This is a relief because these - like all chastity devices - are unforgiving if you get the measurements wrong. Too long and you can't pee without  a mess. Too tight on the shaft and you'll chafe and turtle. Too loose or too short, and you'll bulge out the back in an ugly way. That's why custom made is usually best.

However, I'll write a fuller review of my actual device next week. Who knows, I might even get to remove it and take some pictures of its parts...

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  1. Glad the new Custom Chastity device is working out for you!

    I've always rather liked the clink of the padlock myself. That's a psychological button of mine that gets pushed, though. "Practicalness" can be a different matter, though, I agree.

    1. For me, practical is scary (and therefore sexy) because it is open ended...

  2. How long did the Custom Chastity take to arrive in the UK? Did customs keep it for long and did they charge you a lot?
    I am thinking about buying a cage from Custom Chastity, but I had very bad experiences regarding customs from ordering a Dick Cage from Switzerland.

    1. A couple of weeks. It varies. You tend to end up paying duty, which means a trip to the depot or doing it online. HMRC have a webpage listing import duty rates somewhere. It's not too bad considering how very good the devices are.


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