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Designing (and Wearing) the Perfect Snug Male Chastity Device: the Details

The first attempt at a truly snug device didn't work out. However, the second one has worked out so well that I can't show you a picture of it on its own - I haven't removed it since it arrived ten days ago!

Here's a capture from the animation Lady Fox sends these to custom device clients):

You'll notice it's a really simple shape. There's also a simple hoop-shaped base ring and no rear hood. There are reasons for this...
First, let's backtrack and talk about measurement.


Up until this point I'd always measured using a tape, or handy cock ring. This time, I decided to get it right and bought a cheap pair of plastic calipers from Amazon (e.g.):

I used a cock ring as a reference point and carefully took measurements while warm but flaccid:

To get some of these, I had to lay my dick on a table and, e.g, stack drinks coasters, or use a matchbox as a slider.

As you'll see, some of this was a waste of time. All I really needed was:
  • Crown width and height
  • Front profile (e.g. slope, crown to tip, rise to top of slit)
  • Cock ring to crown

First Attempt

So then, with some iterations and discussion, Lady Fox made me a device matching the measurements:

It fitted like a glove, but that fit caused issues (full description here):
  • My crown caught on the front edge of the tube during normal movement.
  • Shaft caused unsettling edemas during wear for more than a few hours.
  • Shaft triggered turtling, resulting in the penis being trapped in the tube. 

Second Attempt: Perfect!

Recently Lady Fox wanted to premier her new magic lock device, so I had second chance to get this right.  I made just one change to the design, and got a banana shape, basically extending the bulb back into the tube:

And it works. I'm on my tenth day of 24/7 wear.

Design Elements in Detail

So, now, let me go over the design elements from front to back.

Pee Slot: Wide and long, basically Eye of Sauron:

Yes, in an ideal world, it would be a tiny slot exactly matching my pee slit. However, penises shift and flex, so a wider longer slit is more forgiving. It also provides enough fingertip space to prod things back into alignment without needing a Q-tip.
  • Detailed measurement of slit length and position was  a waste of time!

Nacelle Profile: Matches my head when soft. This is comfortable and practical, since mostly it ensures that the  slit and slot are aligned.
  • Careful measurement of the profile paid off.
Head Bulb: None, or merged with tube (see below).

Perhaps men with foreskins or prominent crowns need anatomically shaped bulbs giving a hammer-head impression. However, in my case, merging the bulb removed an internal corner which otherwise would have been a source of chafing and an intermediate leverage point, leading to all sorts of misalignment.

Tube: Same cross-section as bulb.

This prevents edemas by ensuring enough space for the surface of the penis to become rigid before it presses against the vents. 

Preventing edemas also seems to prevent dramatic "turtling" (see Chastity Mansion thread with pictures). When  I do turtle less dramatically, e.g. due to cold, the tube is automatically wide enough to take a shrunken head and skin without becoming jammed.

However, this is still a relatively snug tube: 
  • After a shower, it's important to restore natural skin moisture with a little E45 lotion applied with a Q-tip. Otherwise the dry skin sticks to the tube and morning wood can result in my penis stuck halfway.

Vents: Large enough to poke a finger tip in fix any alignment issues. 

This is really very important for practicality. You don't want to find yourself trying to pee in a public convenience, only to discover your penis head is jammed with the slit against the side wall.

Lock: Magic locker. Very low profile. Aesthetically pleasing.

Rear hood: None.

Rear hoods like on the Holy Trainer 2 do create a wonderful enclosed feeling and look good on:

However, in practice they create an odd hinge point so that moving around tends to lever the penis out of the end so it gets stuck and you have to fiddle - a bit of a disaster during an intense Femdom session!

For this reason, the simple tube end seems to work better.

Gap: 10mm. However, real gap is also determined by base ring size. Too tight causes chafing. Too lose tends to permit slippage. (With new devices, it's probably best to always go for the option with a selection of base rings.)

Base Ring: A simple hoop, tight, but not too tight.

There's a vogue for oval and anatomically shaped base rings, as typified by the Holy Trainer 2. Though these may have benefits in terms of scrotum stowage, they make it harder to close your legs. The simple hoop works fine.

It's hard to get the dimensions right. Not tight enough, and the device falls off. Too tight, and it's (a) uncomfortable, especially in cold weather, and  (b) acts as a pinch point, meaning the scrotum does not have enough of an angle to restrain your erection.

Though a good fit is important...
  • The key to avoiding problems with morning wood causing the whole device to slide up the shaft is to not apply lotion or lubricant to your balls. That way the base ring remains properly seated, and morning wood is like any other strong erection.
Material: 3D printed surgical nylon. 

Surgical nylon is nearly indestructible -  Custom Chastity even have a video of their device surviving being run over by a car -  light enough that I can do naked star jumps in it, and never smells of my body the way some plastic does.

It has an eggshell texture which I like, since it  prevents skin from sticking when it brushes over it, and at the same time anchors nicely when pressed. However, some people don't like it, either because they have sensitive skin or because there's too much movement in their device, thus causing chafing.

Caveats and Conclusions

I'm "cut" and mostly a shower not a grower, and I'm a sample size of one. So please bear that in mind. Lady Fox is still a small, almost artisan, business. She has a passion for her work and a lot of expertise, communication is about what you'd expect when there's just one person handling both customer service and production. (Being a woman working in the sex-aid industry, I imagine she also gets a lot of time wasters and dick spammers as well.)  If your not used to dealing with this kind of business, then her slow rate of responsiveness may come as a shock.

With those caveats in mind, however, it does seem that if you get the dimensions right, you can have a practical snug device that you can wear day in day out, and that Custom Chastity are more than capable of making it.

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