Monday, 8 May 2017

Unlocking a snug custom male chastity device after 2 weeks - lessons for long-term 24/7 wear

Computer simulation of the snug tube.
Mine is actually black!
 A few weeks ago, I unpacked my new Custom Chastity device, put it through the dishwasher then locked it on and handed the key to my wife (more about the device including pictures of me wearing, here).

Just over 14 days later, I removed the device. It's been more on than off ever since, so I've been able to observe the effects of different decisions.

First, a caveat: This is a custom device. It literally fits just right. It's snug but just loose enough not to cause weird skin bulges. The design makes it easy to pee, and doesn't cause abrasions. So what follows applies when all other things about the chastity device are right.

Psychological and Relationship Effects of 24/7 Chastity

Out of the house, though I mostly forgot I was wearing the device, I was reminded each time I went to pee. It made me more consistently submissive and Xena more consistently dominant. How could it not? An erect penis is a dominance signal, and we both knew I couldn't have one for at least two weeks.

  • 24/7 wear amplified and deepened our D/s dynamic.

Continuous lockup was surprisingly healing. Perhaps it's a generation thing, but in the past I tended to compartmentalise my kink self and run it in parallel to my "normal" self.

  • Wearing a chastity device 24/7  gives you no place to hide and thus heals the divided self.

Practicalities of 24/7 Chastity

I've already said the device is pretty near to perfect, so this is a bit circular: a device that's invisible under normal clothing and easy to pee in is invisible under normal clothing and easy to pee in! At no point did it curtail my normal activities, including sport. It even fits under the groin protector I wear for cricket. I'd swim in it too, I think, but wearing baggy swimming shorts.

  • A good snug device is a second skin and need have little or no impact on normal activity.

Though in crowded situations, e.g. at parties, you have to be careful bumping people with your armoured package, it turns out that men already put a lot of effort into keeping their genitals to themselves. So not a lot changed.

  • 24/7 doesn't have to be anything other than a mental challenge
Sleeping wasn't a problem, nor was morning wood. This may be partly because I am used to sleeping locked. However:
  • A good snug device is easy to sleep in.
  • A good fit reduces morning wood issues, as does avoiding getting lotion on your scrotum (so the base ring remains anchored.) 

Penis Health in 24/7 Chastity

When I unlocked and removed the chastity device, there was absolutely no skin irritation.

Contrast with me unlocking the old Custom Chastity device one after 10 days. It later turned out that the older device did chafe, but only at the rate it healed, meaning there was always a pink patch under the shaft.  (And elsewhere on this blog, you'll find me coaxing a week out of a Chinese device, patching up my genitals with anti-rash cream and spray on skin!)

This new device, however, doesn't chafe at all. Nor does it irritate the skin. (Though, weirdly, an hour after removing it, my penis skin felt very dry an itchy and I needed to apply moisturiser. I guess its skin had adjusted too well to being enclosed.)

  • A male chastity device need not chafe or irritate the skin. Wearing it should not be a physical endurance test.

However, there were a few grains of dead skin trapped in the underside of the collar of the tube. A few days later, when I used excessive lotion to get in, I subsequently found some dried lotion there instead. So:

  • Go easy on the lotion.
  • When washing, pay attention to the underside of the collar. (I now have a soft pipe brush to deal with this.)

When I later skipped a shower, I did get skin irritation. That sweat builds up unless you wash it away:

  • Wash your caged dick daily.

I noticed getting turned on while my dick was a bit puffy after a shower did irritate the skin, because the shaft wasn't hard when it started pressing on the bars:

  • At the end of your shower, rinse your caged penis with cool water to shrink it back to normal (and also ensure flow of rinsing water.)

After a shower, my skin was quite dry and my dick had a tendency to get stuck too far back from the head:

  • After showering and drying, use a Q-tip to apply easily absorbed lotion to restore the penis's natural oiliness.

The lack of health issues with wearing 24/7, of course, has an added psychological impact. Whenever I contemplate the device, I know that there's no practical reason for taking it off... an intriguing and deliciously terrifying thought.

I hope that helps anybody contemplating 
an adventure in long term 24/7 or semi-permanent chastity. 
I'm "hoping" to try a full month later on in the year...

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  1. Be Careful with Custom chastity, after placing an online order they refused to email me back for weeks so I logged a paypal dispute to get my money back. An hour before the time for 'seller to respond' as up they uploaded a tracking number showing a deliver to the other side of the country. Luckily paypal saw right through their deception and refunded me.

    1. As I understand it, it's a one woman business so there are bound to be mistakes. I would put your experience down to human error rather than malice or deception. I'm glad you got your money back.

    2. i have bought several devices from Custom chastity and had no issues with their service. I think you'll find they recently went on holidays as stated on the website.


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