Wednesday, 12 December 2018

How many men are locked in chastity? More statistics (Still permanently locked, by the way)

Earlier I guesstimated 1 in 400 men in the developed world have male chastity as part of their lifestyle.

Somebody over on Chastity Mansion quoted a rumour that AL Enterprises had passed 1 million sales a while back.

Grinding the statistics:
  • Male population of developed world 500 million
  • AL Enterprise devices sold 1 million
  • Men owning AL Enterprise device, 1 in 500.
Also, if 10% of men are active malesubs:
  • Male subs owning an AL Enterprise device, 1 in 50.
I think anybody buying a device costing more than USD 100 wants it as part of their lifestyle, so this 1 in 500 seems very close to my original guesstimate of 1 in 400 men are locked.

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  1. Except those averages haven't allowed for people who purchase multiple chastity devices. I have owned 4 devices in the past 7 years, two of them costing more than 100 USD. That skews the averages quite a bit. And we have no way of knowing how many different devices individuals might own. Nor can we know how many were bought, used for a short while, then stuck aw in a drawer and abandoned, or thrown away. Or occasionally sold.

    1. Agreed. It's all over the place, isn't it?

      There's also all those guys in cheap Amazon knock off devices as well.

      And what does locked mean?

      My original ballpark calculation was based on the number of subs:

      20% of (developed world) people are kinky.

      So 10% of men are subs.

      I guessed 50% of them owned at least one device, and 5% of those wore it regularly.

      I suspect starting with malesubs might be a more fruitful line of enquiry.


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