Monday, 4 June 2018

How many men are locked in chastity? What's the chaste population?

You can bet on at least 20% developed
world couples with a man in them
do kink at least some of the time.
There are lots of surveys on BDSM. You can bet on at least 20% developed world couples with a man in them do kink at least some of the time.

(I take the 20% from a stunning survey of Irish couples.)

Say 50% of kinky relationships involve male submission (it's M/m, F/m or they switch).

(Quebec sexual fantasy survey has roughly half of all people fantasising about dominating their partner or being dominated by them.)

The chastity device is now a pretty standard malesub accessory, and cheap, so let's say 50% of malesub couples have one.

So, 20% x 50% x 50% = 5% of men have a male chastity device, perhaps (and we're still in the developed world here).

How many men are locked in an ongoing way (rather than just for an evening)?

Perhaps 5% of men own a chastity device
On the one hand, lifestyle relationships have to be outliers.

On the other ahd, chastity and D/s has its own gravity. The slope is slippery.

So let's say 5% of men who have a chastity device are actually locked.

5% of 5% is 0.25%

So I'd say that 1 in  400 men are "locked".

Which is still pretty stunning. I would guess these are clustered in certain demographics, meaning that if you are locked, then you're probably already in the demographic where most people are kinky.

So, perhaps 1 in 80 of the men around you are locked in chastity...


  1. I wonder what proportion of locked men are locked long term? My partner and I recently bought a chastity device, but she does not intend to keep in chastity long term. The idea is that when she goes out for a few hours - shopping, visiting a girlfriend etc. - she can lock me in the chastity cage and take the key with her, thus ensuring that I do not masturbate while she is away.

  2. Intriguing question. I was estimating "Locked in an ongoing way", meaning I suppose long enough to have to live their daily lives that way, so 1 in 400.

    However, if you mean long term as in never getting out for sex, and rarely getting out for orgasm, then I estimate 1/5th of those who are already "locked in an ongoing way". That's roughly the percentage of women who don't get anything from penetration and so don't need penises much.

  3. As a man who wears a chastity device and is submissive to my wife, there is a part of me that is totally intrigued by chastity being permanent, and part of me that does not even want to think about how it might be, if it is truly realistic.

  4. My master has me his slave locked .llove it


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