Monday, 29 July 2013

CB anti-pullout using pubic hair and surgical tape update...

I've done my first overnight test of the anti pullout system:

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I substituted a small washer for the cable tie, and used surgical tape instead of glue. This had the advantage that I could extend the "dreadlock" and secure it to the washer such that the hair wasn't under tension.

The effect is interesting and discrete: you can't actually see the tether without looking very closely. The pubic hair simply vanishes into the base ring. The penis feels stuck - it just won't come out.

I installed this 9 pm last night, and wore it overnight. It survived some quite intense arousal. We've yet to see how it does in the shower...

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  1. Insuring chastity belt security via hypnosis can work, and may provide a better form of long term security.

    There is a free audio file designed to do that described in this Chastity Forum discussion.

    It can take a bit of time to learn how to go into hypnosis, but it will definitely work if you are a chastity enthusiast.

    Your keyholder would be able to gain a tangible amount of very real power over you, through the use of the various triggers that are described. It would fit in well with your Roman Dominatrix model.

    1. Sounds brilliant if time consuming. I think it's psychologically impossible for a lot of people to pull out anyway, which I guess is self hypnosis at work:)

  2. The time commitment really depends on whether you are naturally good at going into trance.

    It could work the first time, or it might take half a dozen listens.

    Since so much of the chastity fetish is the idea that you are trapped in the belt and at the mercy of your keyholder, IMHO using the honor system for pullout blunts the feeling of powerlessness. However, that is the best we can do, so we learn to settle with it (or go the route of piercings or full belts).

    Now it is possible to do better. With hypnosis providing chastity security, the power dynamic is much different. With belts, there is always the option of pulling out, or cutting the lock, etc. The file makes it possible to remove the belt for practical reasons, but not subvert the belt in an effort to get release.

    You are, in essence, trapped in the belt, with your subconscious helping to enforce the will of your Keyholder.

    I was the one who commissioned the file and asked Elena to make it available for free. I think the file can solve many problems for belt wearers and keyholders alike. I just want to get the word out there that there is a new option besides the conventional approaches. And it's free!

    1. Just listened to it and added a link on my sidebar. It's a great idea.

      I'm not sure this particular "tape" fits our dynamic. My mistress likes me enslaved and chaste for our D&S time; there's no interest in controlling my sexuality so much as negating it. Meanwhile, I like being "chayste" for the drawn out plateau of sensuality and the way it resolves various issues I have with masculinity. I shall blog on this....


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