Monday, 29 July 2013

Sabbatical in Slave Land - 4 Day Time Lock Chastity

My hand hovers on the mouse. "OMG! I can't believe I'm going to do this:

I click through Check, Save, Start... and there I am locked up until Friday.

Up until this point I've been locking myself in increments - Overnight... 24 hours and so on. There's always been a potential end point near to hand. This time I've launched myself at Mars and gambled everything on the equipment working.

The padlock combination is encrypted and now I really can't get out, not without using tools and feeling like a failure while I do it.

And I feel aroused, awestruck and strangely relaxed. Absence of choice is a blessing. For the next four days I'll just have to live with the frustration. (I felt quite macho too, until I saw that Locked n Denied has riveted on his chastity device for a life of permanent chastity!)

And Mrs English? She likes me chaste and compliant and is coldly indifferent to my suffering... which is itself a horrible turn on for me.

It also works very well for both of us. I "enjoy" being chaste. I don't enjoy the will I?/ won't I? experience. It's just irritating. Meanwhile part of what my wife enjoys about our shadow relationship is that she can just shut off her empathy and get things done her way. Having the key would give her responsibility, or at least force her to engage with me.
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