Wednesday, 31 July 2013

CB anti-pullout using pubic hair and surgical tape 36 hour update

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Well that's my pubic hair and surgical tape system tested for 36 hours including two nights and two showers.
(Updated version)
So far, there's been no discomfort. The tether seems to have stretched a little but not come away. (When showering, it's important not to strain the tether and to give it time to dry afterwards.)

How secure is this piercing-free anti-pullout solution?

Of course no chastity device is secure. There ought to be some sort of scale! 

On its own my device is secure when I am hard. With the tape and washer system, I cannot pull out without cutting or breaking the tether. Tools - scissors - are required.

This means pulling out:
  • Requires a sustained conscious act.
  • Might be noticed, or wake a sleeping mistress.
  • Would be obvious from inspection.
This is different to a piercing only in degree, and has the advantage that you can remove it without trace.

Would it work for long term or permanent male chastity?

The surgical tape has the advantage that it is easily removable. However, for  a longer lockup I will use rubber solution glue and some sort of gauze. 

How long would that last?

Google tells me that human hair can last at least a year, perhaps longer. In an ideal world, as the tether hairs fell out, new ones would grow, so one would simply create a new dreadlock when the time came.

This need not entail removing the device. The initial dreadlock could be extremely extended, making it easy to thread through and attack before snipping.

UPDATE: I used this from Sunday evening through to Thursday afternoon. On unlocking, the tether was still sound, the pubic hair still in place. However, the tape had slid down the length of the hair somewhat, thus stretching the tether. Better tape, I think, would do the trick.
(Read more on customizing your Chinese chastity device.)

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