Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Amazon Review of Getting Her to be a Vanilla Dominatrix

I missed a new review on my Vanilla Dominatrix book:

"Getting Her To Be A Vanilla Dominatrix" by Giles English instructs submissive men how to make their femdom fantasies come true with a significant other.
Many have tried and failed to woo a vanilla partner into dominance. Lifestyle players urge us to seek out partners in the BDSM community and establish sexual compatibility beyond a shadow of a doubt. To try and convert a vanilla lover or spouse to the dark side is folly that will only lead to frustration and heartache they maintain. Flying in the face of such accepted wisdom Giles English proposes that our best chance of finding happiness is to explore femdom with someone we love.
Giles points out that many components go into building a successful relationship. If we base our choice of a life partner entirely on kink compatibility other issues may arise that will derail us later on. He freely admits that his methods may not work for everyone. Giles documents specific steps based on his own experience but makes no money back guarantee of success. There are some women who will simply never be open to exploring kink. For some of us it will be "no soup for you" regardless of how hard we stir the pot.
"Vanilla Dominatrix" encourages us to sell our inner slave to the woman we love. For the man who hopes to woo his lady into dominance Giles has the following advice: "Stop regarding dominant females as a means to an end; a high maintenance sex toy that could be replaced by an android. Give up all sense of entitlement and focus on what's in it for her." This is excellent advice.
Giles uses PRI mapping and profiles to methodically describe his strategy for seducing a partner into dominance. Such systems of classification (some might say manipulation) have always seemed somewhat hokey to me. Nevertheless someone just starting out may find valuable advice therein. At it's core the idea is to base your femdom explorations on qualities your lover already possesses rather than trying to build on something that isn't there.
If you are a submissive man hoping to woo his partner into dominance you may find some of the suggestions in "Vanilla Dominatrix" very helpful indeed. (link)
 I'm glad people are finding this book useful. It started off as a response to the embarrassing mistakes of wannabe subs including myself. There is a big downside to learning by doing!

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