Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Permanent Chastity Self Hypnosis?

Male Pet sent me a link to an amazing site with professionally produced chastity self hypnosis "tapes". It's a really seductive approach to resolving the security problem. I think we do this to ourselves to an extent anyway.

The recording I listened to was very much geared to the keyholder dynamic; she enjoys controlling his sexuality.It conveyed a lot of power to the keyholder, including the power to switch the dynamic on or off. It also had some built-in safeguards for safety and privacy.

One for our dynamic would be a little different. My mistress likes me enslaved and chaste for our D&S time; there's no interest in controlling my sexuality so much as negating it. Meanwhile, I like being "chayste" for the drawn out plateau of sensuality and the way it resolves various issues I have with masculinity.

If I were writing a tape for men like me and if I were being a bit irresponsible and setting out to generate insecurities, it might go like this:

* * *
"Your device protects you
from her terrifying vagina."
Your device is your destiny.

Your device keeps you clean no matter how filthy your mind. Before the device you were a drooling pervert, a freaky porn addict, one hand glued to your repulsive groin, always dirty. Your device is your salvation.  

Your device completes you. You cannot remove that part of yourself without again becoming a needy weakling, a pathetic loser, a failed wanker, as disposable as a semen-soiled tissue. Your device is your self respect.

Your device hides your secret shame from your Mistress. If she knew about your selfish, squishy, sticky penis then she would reject you and you would be alone in your guilt, forever. Your device makes you lovable.

Your device protects you from her terrifying vagina. You would not get far into her slippery tunnel without being drained and destroyed, then rejected as unworthy. Your device is your shield.

There is nowhere to go outside your device. Inside your device you are warm and safe while you sail on waves of desire. You are the captain, hard and strong, navigating the ocean of your inner darkness. Outside the device, you would plunge into the cold to be thrown up onto a bleak beach, shivering, shriveled, sordid and solitary. Your belong inside your device.

You are your device.

* * *
The big snag with that as a hypnotape, of course, is that it would be very hard to switch off. Looking back at it, I think the effect would be to make a man permanently chaste...


  1. Well if your keyholder likes the negation aspect, she just doesn't have to let you out! Her use of the other triggers is completely optional.

    There are other files out there that can wipe clean unwanted hypnosis suggestions. If that doesn't do the trick, a session with a in person hypotherapist would fix things.

    You really can't get permanently trapped. However, hypnotic chastity security does raise the bar for security. Please post about it if you get the Keyholder file working!

    1. True. But shouldn't a recording address the underlying psychology?

  2. I wonder if I can persuade you to put in some effort into hypnotic chastity to get it to work. Hypnosis works really well for submissive types. Make it a do-it-yourself project, so you maintain control over it and do it the way you like it. Add, modify, or cancel anything yourself. Well, until Xena takes it over, then you are in trouble. Just another cliff to jump, right? Drop me a line if you want take about two hours to try (not continuous two hours. You can do them in several sessions). I’ll point you to some free empty induction files to try (files that put you under hypnosis but don’t really suggest you to do anything). It’s really simple.
    You script is very good in this entry. A bit scary for me. Probably too long for my wife to read it to me (too much overhead).
    Ultimately, hypnotic chastity is an honor system. At least in theory. But never, not even for a second, it felt like an honor system to me. Feels controlled.

    1. I'm not sure it fits our dynamic. I'm already slave on demand... might have been useful a couple of years ago though :(


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