Thursday, 23 January 2014

4 predictions for kink in the next 5 years

 "Electronically Enhanced Chastity
and BDSM devices"
Just came across a nice post about the future of kink. Here are my predictions in order of likelihood...

1. Escape proof male chastity cage

This is a no-brainer. There's already one easy short-term security solution using pubic hair. We're seeing new materials emerging all the time. All that's needed is a glue pad that sticks safely to skin. It doesn't have to act as an anchor--the skin too easily shears away--just a tether.

Alternatively, it would be fairly straightforward to equip a chastity device with an electronic detection system that went off when the wearer pulled out. Even a simple pressure sensor would act as a deterrent because even if you could fool it getting out, getting back in would be complicated.

2. Electronically Enhanced Chastity and BDSM devices

We're already seeing this with the somewhat clunky Dreamlover device (which I would buy if i could afford!). As electronics get smaller and easier, we'll see more remote shockers, more semi-automated sub management devices based on things like heart rate monitors and skin sensors.

Specific things I expect in male chastity devices are:

2. Chastity devices accepted as marital tools

People will probably never accept drooling kink in the open, but I bet there will be a tacit acceptance of male chastity devices as a way of ensuring fidelity or breaking internet porn habits, or just as a spice. I think this is already happening. This, of course, will mask a whole load of real drooling kink.

(The reason I put this second is that it really does require escape proof devices in order to happen.)

3. Female and Male led marriages will become acceptable

Bedroom details embarrasses people. However, emotional arrangements are easily rationalized or filed away as a fact and then more or less lose their significance. We've seen gay relationships becoming mainstream, we're seeing the slow emergence of polyamory as an acceptable choice.

There's also a new pragmatism about relationships. People understand that long term monogamy is difficult and that there are all sorts of evolutionary psychological undertows. People are also more aware that couples fall into FLR and MLR by default anyway -- we see this happening in the series Suburgatory.

So, though I don't see lifestyle Femdom or Maledom ever becoming mainstream--bedroom details!--I think we will see politically correct and alt circles gradually accept first FLR then, grudgingly. MLR.

4. Chaste accepted as an orientation

Again, in PC circles, we see an obsession with a taxonomy of orientations--not just gay or straight, but a-sexual, poly-sexual and on on. I think there's room for chaste in this lot...

Why not embrace the future and use my books to introduce some Femdom to your relationship..?

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