Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Counting down to another Sabbatical in Slave Land

"That looks like a clear week or so," I observe.

"It does," says Xena.

"...a week of mostly powerless 
frustration, non-communication, 
and service."

We're looking at our calendar and there are seven days in which work, social life and sporting commitments are aligned such that I'm neither in the office nor getting muddy with my mates, there are no parties or pub sessions with friends, no duties with older relatives.

I brace myself for rejection and then say as casually as I can. "How about we make that a 'compliant husband'

Xena smiles-not a grin, just a smile, as if I had suggested spending time on our garden. "I'd like that."

And so I've sealed my fate.

It is an odd feeling.

Our last Femdom sabbatical lasted two weeks with a break in the middle.

I get turned on just thinking about it. However, what was important was that the Mistress-Slave relationship became real. Xena stopped feeling any pressure to follow any sort of script except for the corporal punishment finale, which was tailored to me in form if not detail, and I gave up control and the need to over-communicate.

That reality is awesome.

At the same time, it's also scary.

"...last time there was a primal
scariness to her anger."
Most of the action was non-erotic. Xena still had to go to work, still arrived home tired and emphatically not horny, though up for a massage before sleep. I can expect a week of mostly powerless frustration, non-communication, and service.

The chastity itself isn't a challenge. I'll probably have a week of device free build up and that won't be a challenge either. However, I now know what it will feel like. It's like climbing a mountain for the second time.

Finally there's the whipping. Xena has been diligently applying demerits--I need to blog about that--not just for kinky things, but also one or two domestic and relationship hot buttons. I can expect another beating which tips over from "Funishment" for me to cathartic retribution for her.  Again the prospect turns me on. The nice thing is that I now know she will follow through; no more will she/won't she?

However, last time there was a primal scariness to her anger.

So I am contemplating the week with mixed feelings. And of course, the fact the week will happen regardless of my feelings is itself an intense turn on...

Why not introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship?

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