Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Second Sabbatical in Slave Land: The 2nd night - Sex and Housework

"You can put them on me."
"Fetch the socks, Giles," says Xena, buttoning on her pajama top. "You can put them on me."

My cock rears in its cage.

I know the socks she means - lovely Victorian-style thigh highs. I scurry over to her dresser, fish them out, then lovingly roll them up her legs while my chastity cage tightens like a vise.

It's Monday night.

We started a Femdom Sabbatical on the Sunday night, me being a "compliant husband", Xena calling the shots.

Last time we did this I nearly blew it. I fell over myself trying to share my new experiences, and spent much of the first few days fretting over whether this precious window into kink would meet my expectations...

This time is different.

As soon as I locked away my key, the roles became real for both of us.

This is the only way Femdom
arrives in my life, and - at
 the moment, the only way I
get any sort of sexual activity.
Xena merrily gave me orders and handed out demerits - so many that I am now a little nervous of the impending beating.

And I... I obeyed unquestioningly.

Partly it's because Femdom Sabbaticals look like being a regular thing for us. There's no pressure to get this one right.

Mostly, though, it's because I have no choice. This is the only way Femdom arrives in my life, and - at the moment, the only way I get any sort of sexual activity.

Sunday night, I unpacked the car, tidied the house, rubbed Xena's feet and then was banished from the room while she masturbated.

I just accepted it meekly. After all, it's not as if I was going to get an orgasm.

Monday night, she brought home a pile of work and set me to deep cleaning the kitchen. At one point I suggested stopping and tidying up, and she just ordered me to get on with it... and gave me a demerit.

Finally, quite late, we're both in the bedroom.

...one of my favorite
Flapper Femdom photos...
I give her a late Valentine's card with one of my favorite Flapper Femdom photos on it and she has me riff a story out of it while I massage her.

According to that sex and housework study there's now almost zero chance of having sex.

Xena has spent the evening doing empowered traditionally masculine work, while I've been house-wifing in the kitchen.

My chastity device agrees. Sex is not on the cards tonight.

Slave assisted masturbation, however, feels like a distinct possibility.

Half way through she stops and asks about the state of my cock - a first! Normally she isn't interested.

"Considering I haven't come for more than two weeks, it's pretty much like the man in the story."
I get to reenact my own bit of kinky
Victoriana under the covers

"That pleases me," says Xena. "And amuses me."

The cage scrunches my cock. "I..." I begin.

"Carry on with the story..." says Xena.

Finally, she has me fetch the socks and I get to reenact my own bit of kinky Victoriana under the covers; burrowing between warm woolen thigh-lengths to lick her to orgasm with the aid of a small dildo that bucks against my chin as her vaginal muscles contract.

At last she orders, "Enough." Moments later she's in dressed in her pajamas and I'm in the bathroom cleaning the dildo.

I half reach for where I normally put the key. My cock expects me to unlock and get off... But of course the key is out of reach. I shall remain chaste until Saturday morning.

That thought is enough to make my poor imprisoned penis harden inside its cage.

No, we may be used to our roles, but none of this is routine yet.

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