Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Second Sabbatical in Slave Land: Did I accidentally lock myself up permanently?!?

We started a Femdom sabbatical on Sunday, so that evening I did the usual, set up my anti-pullout system, locked myself in my Chinese chastity device, then used a combination padlock to locked away the keys. Finally I used time lock software to encrypt the combination - easier than it sounds.

Only I must have got the wrong setting! Or did the software crash?

This is what the screen looks like two days later:

The progress bar seems stuck!!!

The progress bar seems stuck!!!

Obviously, I'm not really stuck. I can break the lockup box easily enough (it has other things in it anyway, so I can't leave it permanently locked).

Even so, I feel permanently locked up in my chastity device and it's not a bad feeling.

I don't mean I'm enjoying the dark "OMG!" thrill. Sure, I get that every so often. Last night after servicing Xena I went off to the bathroom and part of me expected to carry through with the normal routine; unlock, jerk off. But of course I couldn't... and that gave me an extra masochistic thrill.

Mostly though, I prefer my genitals this way.

...if she enjoys a massage then just goes to
sleep, that's fine - I just spent an hour
rubbing my hands over her oiled naked body.
I like what the chastity cage gives me....the sense of tingly aliveness down there, the way that just touching Xena's feet gets me hard, and the insane plateau phase created by not reaching an orgasm.

I also like what what the chastity cage protects me from.

Being chaste means never displaying a visible erection... neither feeling exposed in by my display of lust, nor under macho pressure to maintain one.

Being chaste means never feeling vaguely guilty about sex that might have just been Xena pandering to me, and never feeling disappointed in bed. I can't have sex, can't have an orgasm. So though I love it when Xena has me serve her, there's no instinctive primal drive urging me in one direction; if she enjoys a massage then just goes to sleep, that's fine - I just spent an hour rubbing my hands over her oiled naked body.

Finally, being chaste protects me from "sub drop", in my case those undignified, cold few moments where I leave the warmth of Xena's presence to slope off to the bathroom to shoot my unwanted load, and then in the come down regret that my penis wasn't inside her slippery vagina when it happened--an option that's not available at the moment.

So, no, I'm not really stuck, and we're not sealing up my chastity device anytime soon. However, it would not be a disaster if we did.

Dare to try my Female Centered Femdom self help books - what could possibly go wrong?

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