Monday, 1 December 2014

Cheap 3D printed chastity device now in production

Pedro can't depict the device
correctly assembled on the 3D
print site!
Last month, I was lucky enough to beta test Pedro's 3D printed chastity device.

It was pretty amazing.

It has an "eggshell finish".

You'd think the roughness would be an issue. However what it really meant was that the skin was happy to slide over the surface without creating air pockets - there wasn't much need for lubricant to get into the thing - and at the same time, once installed, it gripped the scrotum as firmly as if glued, meaning morning wood was a non-issue.

...but here's what it looks like!
There's also some chatter that the material isn't certified "food safe". However, though the surface is not smooth, it seems to be non-porous. I soaked it overnight, shook it off and weighed it. No change. No absorption. (It's certainly body safe, judging from the jewelry and toys people make using the same service.)

Well now, Pedro has rolled out the production models of the Key Holder Dream X3 "espresso" and it's available for a price that compares well with nasty chrome-plated knockoffs from the Far East. It's also looking like a good replacement for the Holy Trainer 2.

He's made a couple of changes based on feedback from testers like me:

  • No rear flange on the ring.
  • Base ring perforated for better air circulation and longer wear.
  • Variety of pegs to fit the locking mechanism, including a sheath that fits the Holy Trainer 2 magic locker. (You can also order a trailer hitch lock for a "magic locker" from Amazon easily.)

I'm hoping I can get a review copy of this device sometime soon. Otherwise it's on my wish list.

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