Saturday, 6 December 2014

Testing a 3D printed chastity device for hygiene

While I'm waiting to get my new Espresso chastity device - I thought I'd do some tests on the old "beta" one.

I don't mean comfort tests - I've already done that! I mean that I want to know more about the material - white nylon - which is not rated positively as "food safe" and in theory may be porous.

I did two tests - and I should state now that I'm not any kind of scientist.

First, I weighed the device, soaked it overnight, shook off the loose water and weighed it again. End result, same weight before and after. I conclude that the nylon material did not soak up any water. It follows that it's actually solid behind the eggshell-like surface. No wicking takes place.

Next, I wanted to check the surface. The texture is great for comfort, but is it a bacteria trap?

I figured the real question is; Can I get it clean?

I got some thick food coloring, smeared some on the tube, then soaked the tube in a solution of it:
I laid it to dry on a radiator for a few hours:
You can see that the inside is also stained: 
Then I tried to clean it. 

Cold and warm water had not much effect, nor did hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush. So I put the device in the dishwasher at 65 degrees:

 Yes, it came out 100% clean with no trace of the stain inside or out.

This suggests that putting it through the dishwasher will clean even heavy soiling. I suspect that the gloopy food coloring was especially difficult to remove, so when I get the next version I'll stick to hot water and soap and keep an eye - nose! - on the smell and perhaps put it through the dishwasher every week.

I'm also wondering whether the new version will turn out to be more hygienic than my Holy Trainer 2.  The eggshell surface let me slide my balls into the base ring with no lubrication. I'm hoping that it'll be similarly easy to get into a properly sized production version of the Espresso. Since lotion is a potential bacteria trap, this will be a major hygiene improvement. Add to that the perforations to make it breathable, and the device seems promising...

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