Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First impression of the Key Holder Dream X3 "espresso" 3D printed chastity device

(Sorry, no cock shot)
Well it arrived! The KHD X3 "espresso" male chastity device, freshly 3D printed in Europe.

Thirteen days from order to delivery -- not instant, but not bad.

It's got that same eggshell finish as before; slightly shocking on first touch -- OMG I am about to encase my genitals in breeze block! -- but actually comfortable once on. Best of all, getting it on doesn't require any lotion. The textured surface prevents any stickiness. (I expect it to also cope well with morning wood, but we'll see.)

"No seams, no rough patches."
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As before, the finishing itself is perfect.

No seams, no rough patches. Learning from the beta, Pedro has also rounded off all the corners and sharp bits. It's much more comfortable to wrestle into than the Holy Trailer 2.

Getting into it, however, is slightly harder than the HT2, but not in a way that matters.

You have to push your balls into the ring on at a time, then pull them all the way through. The tube bends down more harshly than the HT2, so without lotion, you need to fiddle with a Q-tip to dislodge the head. I suspect this will quickly become routine for me. (It helps to get the ring the right way around!)

The reason I'm doing this without lotion is that it seems unhealthy to keep my man parts permanently steeped in moisturiser. Being damp all the time can't be good for the skin health, and there's also the fear that it will weaken the skin and promote stretching. I don't want my balls down to my ankles!
I look forward to testing it in
extreme circumstances...

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Well it's much more intrusive than the HT2, but just as comfortable. The thicker ring turns your balls into a kind of fixed T-shape, so affects how you sit or lie. However it's smooth and light and doesn't seem to shift randomly, so overall it's still very comfortable.

Now I have the right size, peeing is no problem. The perforations bode well for showering, though I shall approach this with caution. I'm still skeptical about the security cord concept, but will give this a go when I am less busy.

Security system! Haven't tried this yet.
Overall, the most striking thing is the way it really locks down an erection. With the HT2 and before that my Chinese device, there was a sense of my cock lurching up a little, of forming a tense, vulnerable, bow hinging at the base. The espresso feels much safer and at the same time much more oppressive in the right way. Thanks to the way the device grips the scrotum, the tension seems spread evenly, some of it taken by the base-ring against the pubis, and there's no sensation of being stretched.

I look forward to testing it in extreme circumstances...

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  1. I can't find any information on the security cord concept on the shapeways page, can you elaborate more about how that works?

    1. I've added a picture. Basically it's a pullout detector using a neoprene ring or cord.

    2. I'm also very curious about that. Where have you seen this available? I ordered my espresso which should be arriving jan21. I'm currently using a cb6000s but I find even with the smallest components that I can get out of it fairly easily. My testicles can't get out so I can't necessarily escape, but my mistress doesn't like that I can get my member out so easily. We are hoping that the new device will make it more difficult, but if there are components that make it nearly impossible we definitely want to purchase.

    3. Where? Work your way down this thread: http://www.lockedmen.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?pn=99&TID=3732&title=3d-printed-chastity

      I haven't got it working yet - probably need a smaller tube.

  2. Thanks for this review, very useful. How does the ring size compare to the CB6000 series and the HT2? I use the largest ring for the CB6000 and HT2. Would I need to order the larger ring size for the KHD X3?

  3. I assume it has been on for (over)a week now. How is it for longer term use?

    Both comfort wise and security?

    1. Doesn't fall off at night. No problem with morning wood. Seems OK to shower in.

  4. Hi Giles! I've read through a lot of this blog and I honestly find it incredibly fascinating. I'd consider you a guru and practical user as I ask this, but would you recommend the Espresso over the HT2 for a first-timer?

    1. If you are on a budget, uncut and a shower not a grower, then the Espresso is pretty awesome. I'm cut and a grower, so have trouble keeping my penis properly aligned. (I'm intending to do a big review early next month.)

    2. (I'm intending to do a big review early next month.) Dated 20 February 2015.
      Hello Giles Any further updates? Thanks

  5. Hi Giles, Well it's Jan 2018 and I've been looking for an up-date on your experiences with X3 Expresso. I am getting closer to making up my mind to buy one. I've been wearing my HT 2 for about 2 years now and after reading your review and others I am looking forward to getting this Device.
    Cheers from San Francisco

    1. Hi John - It's OK. However, I didn't get on with the deep cuff. These days I'm 24/7 with a Custom Chastity "Saint".


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