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How to shower in a Holy Trainer 2 then really get dry

It's a tube.
Chastity's a weird fetish (or perhaps an actual orientation). I do love my Holy Trainer 2 even though it stops me getting off, because it stops me getting off.

My first reaction when it arrived was, "OMG I never want to take this off." I even used a broken Holy Trainer 2 to make a sort of permanent chastity device.

Alas, part of what makes the device so very sexy is what means you generally do have to take it off; It's a tube.

Well duh, I hear you say. Yes of course it's a tube.

However that's important. Cages are far less comfortable, and give rise to all that unsightly bulging. They also expose the member in all its moods. Tubes, however, unless transparent, take male arousal off the agenda. Xena can't tell whether I'm turned on and we both like it that way.

The snag is that tubes create a hygiene problem.

A tube, it traps moisture and grease, so you need to wash the whole package - genitals and device - more often than for a cage. Worse, the tube makes it hard to get the water in where it's needed, and much harder to dry.

Last time I wore for 48 hours and two showers, I ended up with a rash on dorsal my penis. This time is different - I'm 65 hours in one shower in, with no problem. So, further experimentation is required, but I feel confident enough to share this.

Here we go.

Part of the knack is in the wearing.

Use the stocking trick to install the device. Don't use lotion, which traps the ick, and do position the lower part of the base ring 3 fingers from your body and the top flush with your pubis.

Do also aim carefully when peeing. Use a Q-tip to position the slit. Try not to kink your dick when you aim.

Just shower!

However, have handy some kind of container that lets you tip water directly into your tube. I use a cut off shampoo bottle that actually fits snugly over the end, letting me squirt the water in and suck it back. You could also experiment with filling a small jug and dunking your package in it.

Here's how I go about it:

  1. Clean the inside of the bulb end. This is where all the pee and jism collects and crusts.You can do this by aiming the shower head into it, though if the water drills into your tender penis tip, it can lead to sharp sensations.
  2. Get mildly soapy water everywhere inside. Hence the container. You can even tip your package upright and fill the tube with water so it drains out the back.
  3. Rinse (Most important). Seriously. The skin hates being in contact with soap for extended periods. Do what you did when soaping, but with lukewarm fresh water and at least twice as much effort.

    Right, now you are clean and with irritants removed. Final step in the shower:
  4. Rinse your package in cold water. Really rinse. Get your penis especially cold enough to shrink it down to normal for a winter day. This kills off any flex the heat may have caused in HT2. However the main benefit is experienced in the next stage... 
OK here's the secret. 

OK you can use it to dry the hair on your actual head. However, don't let it anywhere near your genitals. Here's why:

First, the tube concentrates the hot air and may cause local scorching. Ouch! Second, though they seem to have changed the formula, the Holy Trainer 2's bio-resin doesn't like getting hot. Third, though, is the important one...

The hairdryer warms up your dick, making it bigger, making the airflow hard to achieve, so trapping moisture. 

Instead, do this:
  1. In a room at normal temperature - this is not a fireside task! -  towel yourself down vigorously. Also towel those part of your scrotum you can reach. While doing this, tip and shake your package to get any large accumulations of water to tip out. 
  2. Carefully insert a Q-tip into the front slot of the device, at an angle - Jesus! Don't get in in your urethra! - then roll the Q-tip around between the tube and your shaft. Reverse the Q-tip and repeat. Then do it with another one.
    (This does mop up some of the water. However, the main aim is to unstick the skin from the wet sides, thus promoting airflow.)
  3. (Optional) Insert another Q-Tip and position it along the dorsal of your dick so the air can flow. Leave it in position.
  4. Grab a dressing gown only (we don't want to get too warm down there) and go do something else, preferably not sexy. The aim is to be moving around, letting the air flow.
  5. After half an hour, repeat step #2. If the Q-tip comes away mostly dry, you're done. Towel your genitals if they need it.
  6. Sleep with your lower half nude, except for the device of course.  
So in a nutshell: 
No hairdryer. Keep your genitals cool. Use Q-tips to break the seal between skin and tube and to mop Lots of ventilation. No lotion. Airflow and body heat does the rest.
Disclaimer: This is working for me for my dick, this week. Give it a try. However, do then briefly remove your device to see if it's worked for you

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