Thursday, 30 July 2015

Writing chastity erotica while in chastity...

I'd like to imagine at least some
of my readers are female...
OMG! This is insane.

With no chance of an orgasm, no social or sporting commitments, all I'm doing is working on churning out chastity erotica - mostly finishing old pieces and polishing them up, but also writing new scenes.

I'm just one walking, well sitting, horn. Except not a proper horn since I'm locked into my Holy Trainer 2 chastity device. I haven;'t even seen my dick since a brief shower break on Monday!

Meanwhile, I can still see the steady, um, trickle of pages read on the kindle owners lending library.

Somebody stopped at six pages last night! Was six pages all it took to get them off? I'd like to imagine at least some of my readers are female... though, given the genre it's unlikely!

Are any of my readers locked in chastity like me? How wonderfully meta that would be.

I've also revived my erotica blog, which now looks very nice, complete with a sexy Pinterest feed. Go take a look.

Don't resign yourself to just getting off on other people's adventures! When we started out, my wife was vanilla. Use my manuals to help you walk the same Femdom path! There's one for him, and one for her

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