Monday, 27 July 2015

Sunday Night Whipping: #3 Xena tries on a Feeldoe, then drives me wild entirely differently

So, I've been beaten, Xena's masturbated while resting her feet on me. Now she's interested in the Feeldoe. (See Part 2)

"Which end goes in me?"
I bring the Feeldoe over to the bed.

"I don't understand," says Xena. "Which end goes in me?"

I explain and, in her matter-of-fact way, she inserts it and turns on the vibrator. Amusement bubbles through her voice. "What do you think Giles?"

I sink to my knees at the foot of the bed. She's still wearing the retro stockings, still all Feminine curves, but now she has this bright blue penis.

She's still wearing the retro stockings, 
still all Feminine curves...
And she's jerking off with it. Well, pulling at it so that the vibrator stimulates her clit.

I watch wrapped, my whole chastity device rippling. You'd expect to be aware of the tube of the Holy Trainer 2, of the way it wraps the shaft and constrains the end. Instead it's as if my genitals have turned into this blur of plastic and flesh.

Xena sighs happily. "Well I came. How about you?"

I whimper. I was going to get my orgasm on Tuesday. "Thursday. Not until Thursday." I brighten. She still has the prosthetic inserted. "Of course," I say, "you could try penetrating me."

"OK," she says. As simple as that. My biggest fantasy.

I'll spare you our fumblings. It was the wrong circumstances to try -- late at night, both tired. I end up on the floor instead, trying to peg myself while she holds the chain to my dungeon iron collar.

That's a bit of a fail too. It always is. By the time she permits such things, I'm always tired, my captive erection is flagging, and something about putting a dildo in my ass makes my cock shrink.

However it does amuse her when I admit defeat.

She orders clean up and I stash all the bondage gear and the whips. Soon we're a normal middle aged couple tucked up in bed in our pajamas - except I still have a Holy Trainer 2 locked around my genitals, and I still haven't come.
This is what I've wanted all evening. What I've wanted 
for weeks. What I always want.

I can't help it, I squirm.

"What's the matter?" she asks. Even in the dark I can picture her smile.

"Thursday," I mutter, embarrassed to have disturbed her. "I can't even touch my cock."

"Oh dear," says Xena. "But I can touch myself." There's that distinctive moist scratching.

"Oh god no," I blurt, even as my chastity device tightens.

"I have a better idea," says Xena, "You can go down on me instead."

I burrow under the covers. She already has her pajama trousers off. I push up between her smooth thighs and at last find her pussy.

This is what I've wanted all evening. What I've wanted for weeks. What I always want. And yet as I lap away at her musky pussy, I'm horribly aware that under our contract, this is going to push back my orgasm another three days.

Worse, that doesn't include the weekend.

"Mmmm," says my wife. "That was nice."

And now I have to wait until the Monday after next before I have an orgasm.

I blunder out to the bathroom to wash my face. I'm still hard when I climb back under the covers, but my wife is already asleep, sated.

It seems I am stuck in one corner of my fantasies. What a shame...

(For more of my fantasies, see my erotica blog...)

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