Monday, 22 August 2011

Good example of "Send Only Mode"

Core to my Femdom how-to book is the idea that all relationships have distinct modes in which each partner is sending and/or receiving emotions and intimacy. The baseline is "Send-Receive Mode" where good conversation and nice mutual vanilla sex takes place. :)

Since if she's "sending", she requires you to be "receiving",  and if she's not "receiving" then she expects you not to be "sending", for Femdom purposes, we only need to consider her modes and how your fantasies fit them.

Now the modes don't imply whether she is physically active or passive. She could be in "Send Only Mode", and just lie there passively having a very loud orgasm while telling you how lucky you are to be allowed to serve her.

They don't imply whether she's feeling introverted or extroverted either. She can be in "Send Mode" and quietly micromanage your every movement without ranting or acting out.

However, some women are both extroverted and physically active in their "Send Only Mode":

And then My Lady walks in, and says “what are you doing laying down there, boy? Get your butt off the bed!” Oh, yes Ma’am. “Stand here at the foot of the bed, boy”. And I notice that she is wearing the same things she was before, but she has a kind of twig or long branch in her hand. She whips it through the air with a whiiish. Kind of like the Zuma noise, but more threatening. “Get down on the ground at the foot of the bed, boy”. And so I sit down there. “No, no, no” and give me a little thwack on the side of the leg “don’t sit cross legged, sit with your butt on the ground and put your legs up here on the bed” but this is rather uncomfortable, and I have to lean back and lay down on the floor “Yes, that’s right, boy, lay down on the floor, with your legs on the bed”. And she approaches me with her branch, which she uses as a riding crop and sticks it between my legs and says “spread ‘em, Mister”. Woa. So I spread my legs apart. (More on the At your Service, Ma'am blog)
I think she's in "Send Only Mode" because she isn't really interested in his reactions.

Nothing he does has much effect on the action. There's no sense of dialogue or play. Instead, she's imposing... intruding... forcing him to feel what she wants him to feel.

It's about her and him, but with her boundaries pushed out to totally include him.

Wonderful lady..

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  1. Thanks, Giles. It was an example of what she does with me when she is not in the mood for sex.


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