Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to timelock yourself in a chastity belt

Sometimes male chastity is about being locked up,  rather than the locking and unlocking.

Sometimes your lady is happy to have a locked up partner, but doesn't want the fuss of managing the keys, or the responsibility of deciding when to unlock you.

Sometimes, she enjoys being in what I've called the Send Only and Shutdown modes.. she wants to ignore your experience completely and not even think about the key.

In the old pre-Internet days, chaste men used to leave the keys at work, or post them to themselves. The downside of this is that you end up locked in for days at a time - there's not much fine control.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple timelock? Or a timesafe? Something you could set for, say, 8 hours?

Doesn't exist, or at least not for any price I'd be willing to pay.

The good news is that you don't need a safe or a complex gizmo, just a combination padlock, a  PC and a flatbed scanner.
Setting a new combination on a padlock
You may not realise this, but most combination padlocks enable you set a  new combination. Just turn the U-bar to a particular point, push it in, and then adjust the number barrels. It's pretty easy to do this without actually looking at the padlock.

So now you have a padlock with a combination you don't know. The next problem is to record that combination in such a way that you can encrypt it. For this you will need a flatbed scanner...

Scanning the combination

Flatbed scanners are great for this. Just plonk the padlock, combination down(!), on the glass and scan. Make sure your software doesn't flash up a big image onscreen, otherwise it rather defeats the purpose.
(It's a good idea to practice this stage a few times, to make sure you really are capturing the combination in readable form!)
So, now your combination exists as a file on your computer. All you need is to encrypt it for a few hours or days. Fortunately there is free timelock software for this.
Timelocking your lock combination

Dead easy. Just download and install  PictureLoKiT. It's not very pretty, but with a little fiddling you can learn how to encrypt a file for a set time.
Make sure that your computer has Internet access, so the software can read the timeservers (no, you can't cheat by dicking with the internal clock!). You don't have to leave the computer on - the software catches up on itself whenever you run it.
You can then use the combination padlock to lock your keys aware somewhere secure, for example in a toolchest.
WARNING: Get the padlock installed before triggering the encryption. There's nothing more annoying than - say - dropping the padlock and losing the setting.

All this is harder to explain than do. Once you get the hang of all it, it's quick and easy. Whirr... click... click... CLUNK. "Look honey! No cock!"

For actually building a Femdom corner of your relationship where you can both enjoy playing with male chastity, see my Femdom how-to guides...

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