Thursday, 13 October 2011

Robert Anthony reviews "The Vanilla Dominatrix"

I sent Robert Anthony a copy of my femdom manual and he was kind enough to post a review. It's quite a balanced piece, which means that I'm all the more pleased that he was able to say:

This book is written from an almost academic standpoint, with references to ancient Greece in the early parts of the book and a scientific approach to the task at hand. Rest assured this book has a purpose and anyone purchasing in the hope of being titillated will be disappointed. This is written like a text book, which does make it a little dry for the casual reader, but if you are considering purchasing this book then you are probably not a casual reader.
Giles gets you to analyse your own circumstances and uses examples to show how you can 'manipulate' situations to get the things you want without crossing your wife/lover's boundaries. The word manipulate always carries negative connotations, but in this instance I don't see that it should. Manipulation is exactly what is being suggested, but if that has the positive outcome that is the aim of the book, and everyone is happy in the end, then I don't see the harm.
The truth is most women would probably baulk at the idea of male submission and chastity, until they try it, but how do you convince them if they flatly refuse to try it? What this book sets out to do is to suggest ways you can steer your relationship gradually the way you would like it to go. I still think there are a few jumps in assumption here and there, and the fact is all you can do is try and show your wife/lover the benefits to her of accepting your proposal, and seeing how it goes.
I'd rather he hadn't used the word "manipulate", though I can see why he does. I prefer "extend", in that I never say lie to your partner, or cynically exploit them. Instead, try to extend their vanilla pleasures into kink, while being honest (but without spilling your guts).

Judge for yourself - you can read the preview of the Vanilla Dominatrix by clicking this link...

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