Monday, 10 October 2011

Time lock safe for timed chastity etc?

If you've read my femdom how-to guide, you'll know that I'm a fan of not giving her the keys (unless she wants them). Turning her into a keyholder shifts the focus from being locked up, to when she will decide to release you. That's a lot of pressure for an inexperienced dominatrix, and rather distracting for you - it's hard to relax into the experience if you are wondering whether she'll suddenly "relent" in the heat of the moment.  Better for her not to have the keys in the first place!

The cheapest way to do this, is using free timlock software. However, that involves a little preparation, including scanning in your padlock combination. A better option would be a time-locked safe.

I've only found one, and until yesterday, I hadn't seen any reviews of it.  It's called CapturedDiscipline, and has a quaint website that earnestly pushes all the possible non-erotic uses :)

It's only USD 99, or a abotu GBP 100 including postage. However,I've no idea how good these guys are, or how reliable.

Does anybody have this? Or, has anybody seen any reviews?


  1. The link below offers some review, however it is a little dated. I would assume the product hasn't changed much but you never know with customer service. It's a good idea but being battery operated could create issues if you do not keep them fresh. I think it would be better to have the option to plug it in and have the battery as a back up or for when traveling with the device.

    Scroll about half way down for the review


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