Sunday, 9 September 2012

Example of PIRI "Project" Mode

Remember Blackadder Goes Forth? I always thought "Queenie" would make a fabulous dominatrix.

In the PIRI classification set out in my Getting her to be a Vanilla Dominatrix, Good Queen Bess would count as an extreme example of somebody stuck in Project Mode - everything is about her; other people only exist to validate or enable her:

Me me me me! Mmmmm.

What femdom kinks would you offer Miranda Richardson's Queenie? What would she be like as a dominatrix?

Nothing that involved topping skills! If she ties you up, then she's not going to work at keeping you on the edge. She might declare that you deserve five minutes of stroking, but that you are not allowed to come during that time, and she'll expect you to be grateful for the attention.

If she lets you serve her, then she expects you to feel what she feels. If she's relaxed in the bath, then you're relaxed. If she's satisfied by her orgasm, then so are you; "Why would you want to get out of the chastity belt? I'm done! Now make me a hot chocolate so we can sleep."

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