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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Using sex dice to get your vanilla partner to dominate you

A reader of my Getting Her to be a Vanilla Dominatrix came up with a genius idea: sex dice.

His partner is... broadminded and willing to step outside vanilla, but not used to being in control of the sex.

The real ingenuity is that she's in charge of the sex dice. She rolls them and tells him what to do.

So the dice...
  • Grant her permission to be in charge.
  • Grant her permission to enjoy all sorts of activities she might not otherwise ask for.
  • Build trust by demonstrating he can follow instructions in bed, regardless of direct pleasure or not for him.
Later, he plans to suggest some of the following as and when they seem appropriate:
  • She directs him with a leash - though, I wonder whether  a riding whip as a pointer might be a more practical choice.
  • She can re roll the dice when they are "wrong".
  • Kinkier dice - I might consider having a dice bag, from which dice are picked randomly thus putting the responsibility back a level.
Hearing about the journeys of other couples is an unexpected privilege.

(If you've yet to join the kinky adventure, take a look at my Femdom books; perhaps they'll help...)

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