Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New poll - my next self help book?

I've got three ideas in the pipeline. The first two would be short handbooks based on modern psychology, plus the real experience of myself and my friends. The last one would be a BDSM craft book.

"How to ask for kink" - for men and women wishing to present any kind of kink to a vanilla partner

Very much a generic book on how to successfully ask a vanilla partner for kink, without making an idiot of yourself. This would be intended for both male and female readers of all orientations and (consensual) kinks.

"Become her Roman slave" - for male subs with vanilla partners

Like the Getting her to be a Vanilla Dominatrix, but shorter and focused entirely on service-orientated slavery. Think of this as the reverse How to be a Roman Dominatrix book with  a similar approach.

"Make your own male chastity belt"

Frankly, this one is a bit daunting. I have a very good DIY chastity belt made from a mixture of polypropylene webbing and plastic fittings, a plastic ladle and polymer clay. I'd love to show people how to make it, but this would require rebuying materials, and taking lots of photos.

Please help me out by using the poll to tell me what you want me to write next!

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