Monday, 10 September 2012

Example of PIRI "Resonate" Mode

Here's the goddess-like Marlene Dietrich in full "Resonate" Mode as described in my femdom how-to manual:

She plays the audience, toys with male and female admirers, everything's for effect, but she gives nothing away of herself; it's all about the audience, so that she can privately resonate to their reaction.

Imagine Marlene Dietrich as a dominatrix! She would tease you to the edge, set up your expectations, then dash them, play cat-and-mouse with the whip, all the while maintaining that ironic look.

What kinks would you offer her? Anything that made you suffer or whimper, nothing that entailed her losing control. She would enjoy having you serve her while you wore nothing but nipple clamps and a chastity belt. She might let you go down on her, but don't expect her orgasm to be louder than your frustrated groans.

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