Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting the right Holy trainer 2 ring size!

I was an idiot.

My old cheap Chinese chastity cage had a 45mm diameter ring so I assumed that's what I needed from Holy Trainer. I didn't bother following their sizing instructions.

Holy Trainer 2 rings are... oval
Months later a short stint back in the old device,  I realized I needed something tighter. I compared the two rings and found -- to my horror -- that the ring of the old device fitted into the new one. What was going on?

The answer, of course, is that the Holy Trainer 2 rings are... oval. The measurement they use to describe them is across the shortest distance!

On its own the circumference doesn't tell us much, it's the cross section that matters.

You can get the area of an oval using the following calculation:

Area = Pi * A * B

Assuming all the Holy Trainer rings have the same proportions as my original 45mm HT2 ring, you get the following areas:

040 - 1396 mm squared
045 - 1766 mm squared
050 - 2181 mm squared

Old style circular rings like on my Chinese chastity cage are of course Pi * R * R. This gives us:

40mm - 1256 mm squared 
45mm - 1590 mm squared 
50mm - 1963 mm squared 

They are all a bit tighter than the Holy Trainer equivalent. The take home here is follow the manufacturer's instructions and measure your tackle with a bit of string!

However I can tell you from personal experience that a 45mm circular ring fits me comfortably and that my most comfortable Holy Trainer 2 ring is the 040. Your mileage may vary...

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  1. You listed the 045 ring twice I belive. pls fix

    1. I did. Fixed! However these days I wear a "Ghost" from Custom Chastity.


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