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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Three reasons why ball gripping chastity devices are inescapable (even though they're not)

When I first got into male chastity, I was obsessed with making devices escape-proof.

Neither the old Chinese chastity device
 nor the lovely new Holy Trainer 2
are secure
Rather than be an early adopter of the CB2000, for example, I built a series of DIY chastity belts. The last one was inescapable... unless you had a pair of scissors handy. However, none of them were practical for 24/7 wear, so when cheap Chinese chastity devices came along, I spent a few tenners and bought one. A year or so later I upgraded to a Holy Trainer 2, and since then I haven't looked back (or had an orgasm!) since.

Neither the old Chinese chastity device nor the lovely new Holy Trainer 2 are secure.

How could they be? Balls are stretchy! Even so, I am psychologically incapable of cheating by pulling out.

I also know I'm not the only man like this.

How can an insecure chastity device be psychologically 100% secure?

 If you're locked into a chastity device then the
only release you get is when you're really,
really turned on and start to leak.

I don't think it's raw willpower because the urge to is hardwired. If will were involved, it would be in the opposite direction; we'd shake off our kinks and get our rocks off.

Instead, here's what I think is happening.

  1. The tail is wagging the dog! In human males, an erect penis is a sign of dominance. Not being able to get erect makes us more submissive... too submissive to remove the device preventing us from getting erect as long as somebody else wants it there.
  2. Masturbation is lonely! Ultimately, there's something soul destroying about spending years jerking off to submissive fantasies. As soon as somebody actually wants you locked into a chastity device you suddenly have the choice between being a sad failure jerking off in the cold, or a possessed slave living out your submissive destiny.
  3. Rewired brain! This one is a bit sinister, and thus a turn on to think about. If you're locked into a chastity device then the only release you get is when you're really, really turned on and start to leak. This tends to happen when you give your mistress an orgasm. After a while -- the human brain being essentially stupid -- you become conditioned to associate being turned on with going down on your mistress, rather than with jerking off or having sex.

So it's a submission feedback loop, it's a fear of loneliness, it's conditioning...

There's a common factor in all of these; having a mistress who actively wants you to be chaste.

Chastity is more fun when it's part of your relationship! Use one of my Femdom self-help books to make this happen...

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