Monday, 9 June 2014

My (positive) experience of Holy Trainer customer service

The FLR equivalent of a wedding ring.
A couple of weeks back, my Holy Trainer 2 broke. The top of the locking post sheared away. This seems to be the most common failure mode for the HT2 so perhaps it's a design flaw that makes it vulnerable to small variations in casting etc. It's still a lot better than having the tube split!

I was... bereft. It was like losing a wedding ring.

You have to understand that -- aside from not being escape proof -- the Holy Trainer 2 is like a fantasy chastity device. It lies so naturally and fits so comfortably that it's easy to forget it's locked around your gentials. The Chinese chastity device I used to wear was value for money, but was a bit like having a disability since it caused low-grade discomfort and required constant tinkering with lotions etc. The Holy Trainer 2, in contrast, is like having an implant.

This happened in the early hours of the morning. I found myself lying awake next to Xena feeling naked and wondering if I dare rummage for the metal device.

First thing in the morning, I logged on and emailed the Holy Trainer people. I have seen a couple of postings on forums complaining about HT customer service, so I didn't hold out much hope. Since I don't think we can afford a new device, I started having desperate thoughts of just gluing the whole thing together permanently...

I was very relieved indeed when they got back to me within a couple of hours asking for a picture of the break. I supplied that and my replacement tube went out that night, to arrive a few days later.

(In the mean time, out of desperation, I tried to fix the damage using quick drying epoxy resin.  It's evil stuff, but didn't bond during the 3 hours specified on the packet. However, I've just checked and a week or so in the cupboard does seem to have made the repair solid. So it turns out that you can glue bioresin.)

Summing up: my experience of the Holy Trainer customer service is 100% positive. Five stars to the Swiss kinksters!

UPDATE: A tumblr user with a broken ring.

Chastity is more fin when there's somebody to keep you chaste! Why not introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship?


  1. Could you ellaborate on the not being escape-proof part? I have been considering one of these devices.

    1. What Anonymous said. Ball-grippers simply aren't escape proof. However as long as they don't actually fall off then that doesn't seem to matter. Not being able to get an erection makes you feel too submissive to try to escape.

  2. You can pull out of it just like any ball trap device. For me, it's not doable without some pain and/or pinching if I don't do it when I'm shriveled with a lot of soap while in the shower, but it still is very easily doable for me in the shower. That said, I can't get my testicles out whatsoever, so if I do pull out, I'm stuck with an uncomfortable predicament that traps me still, but it does allow me access to my penis.

    1. Thanks, Anon and Giles for the replies. It's good to know that it's just the normal quality of these devices and not a particular weakness.

    2. It should be a no-brainer, given how stretchy the scrotum is!


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