Friday, 7 March 2014

Chastity Rules! Communication and erotic nudgenomics

Xena on the other end of the phone
 due to a business trip
"32 days, by the way," I say. A few weeks back, Xena unexpectedly took charge of my orgasms and this was day 32 of a 40 day period of denial.

Xena on the other end of the phone due to a business trip, chuckles.  I love the way it's given us something to flirt about, but this time my wife isn't playing ball. "Well perhaps you should stop and relieve yourself," she says.

My heart sinks and I feel cross. I can't think of anything more miserable. "Don't say that! That would spoil everything."

"Oh. OK."

Later, when she gets home, I choose my moment. First I finish tidying the kitchen and putting away laundry. Then, for its own sake, but also to put her in the right frame of mind, I remind her to give me my demerits.

Six clicks later, I'm rubbing her feet. She's not reading, so it's OK to to chat.

I want to growl, "You should damn well know the last thing a sub wants to hear is anything like 'oh well, let's stop and have a cup of tea instead of doing this'!"

However, that's the wrong approach. (No shit!)

Instead, I focus on what she gets from the arrangement. "About this orgasm fast... you can do anything you like of course, but if you then backslide it loses its power. Also, I think I'm only allowed to come after we've been intimate."

"But 40 days is next Thursday," she says. "That's not very convenient."

Doing my best not to sound like a lawyer, I answer, "Once my time has expired I get an orgasm at the next opportunity - if you think I deserve it - say Saturday or Sunday."

"OK. It's still 40 days, then," says Xena.

I relax. Xena doesn't like complicated arrangements. That discussion could have gone badly.

I decide to push my luck and make a slightly insane suggestion based a little on my Chastity Belt novel:

Her pleasure - midweek at least - becomes a direct cause
 of my suffering
"You know we're always talking about midweek quickies but never quite manage them?" I say. "Well suppose any orgasm you have during the week adds an extra day?"

"How would that work?" asks Xena sleepily.

"Suppose you come back from yoga on Tuesday and get me to go down on you," I say. "That would mean I had to wait until Day 41. It would make it more... amusing for you."

"OK," says Xena, not really giving anything away. Later she falls asleep on me as I stroke her hair.

I lie there half-aroused, wondering whether this will work as expected.  When Xena was younger, I suspect she enjoyed the power of her sexuality and the way it made young men feel threatened and disconcerted. This new arrangement makes her dangerous again. Her pleasure - midweek at least - becomes a direct cause of my suffering.

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  1. We (*i*) came up with a solution to the "how much time" problem, which is, HE counts every day and looks for a clue as to release, and SHE really wants to keep her options open/doesn't really count days the way he does.

    You may not or may not like this because it's really a devious mindf**k, but it combines one concept and one rule:

    The concept is that a 'kink' week begins and ends on a particular day of the week (we choose Wednesday, because Hump Day), and must contain both the beginning and ending day. So "one week" can be anywhere from 7 to 13 days, since a declaration of "one week" in chastity on a Thursday must pass through the next 2 Weds (in our example) to be a kink "week". In this scheme, calendar days become less important than, for instance, 'counting Wednesdays.'

    The rule is where he gets nailed. The rule is that he may never ask for unlock/release, but instead must always beg for more time when release becomes apparent.
    A few moments contemplation will sus the results of this idea: she can set a lowball goal (ie, 2 weeks) and then just simply agree with his begging that he should be locked up for another week... every week. Even when she feels pity and ignores his plea for "another week" in chastity, she can still delay that release for up to 6 more days (or one less than whatever you begged for) without breaking her word, turning "one week" into a potential 19 days even without extensions for "ok dear, another week it is."

    Good luck not becoming permanently locked with this strategy.

    1. Brilliant! A bit more play acting than would suit us, but a great idea since it lets Her off the hook.


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