Saturday, 22 March 2014

Xena whimsically puts off my release yet another day!

"49 days!" I gasped.
Last night I was rubbing Xena's feet and the clock passed midnight. "49 days!" I gasped.

Xena didn't even look up from her book.

Suddenly the enormity of it hit me. I got suddenly very, very hard inside my new Holy Trainer. (An odd sensation, different from the cage, but the plastic held, thank god!) I groaned, writhed as best I could kneeling.

"Keep rubbing my feet," said Xena.

I had a sensation like a bead forcing its way out of my head and the pressure eased. I went back to her feet. Later doing my ablutions, I found I had leaked a little precum.

Happy and contented, I slept well and woke triumphant; the Holy Trainer is the first device I've had that is no problem at night.

Triumph quickly turned to disaster.

I unlocked and dashed off to a sporting activity leaving the kitchen a mess, and no milk in the fridge. Worse some of the lads and their wives were due to come by for lunch, meaning Xena had to tidy up before we arrived.

I learned all this when she rang me to complain. However, she did not hand out any demerits.

I hate that! Without demerits, I'm just a henpecked husband who doesn't get any sex.

Tonight, before I did the kitchen I apologized... not in a theatrical way, just said sorry for leaving everything like that. Xena said that the worst of it was having to drink her tea black.

Finally I cracked. "You didn't give me any demerits."

Xena's eyes blazed, half amused, half triumphant. "Well you can have five - one for milk, four for the kitchen."

"Ouch!" I click the counter, bringing it up to 39. I'm not looking forward to the whipping, but her power over me makes my cock rear.

"Will we do demerits tonight?" I ask.

"I'm not really in a demerit mood," says Xena.

"But if I don't get whipped, then I don't get to come," I say, sounding rather plaintive. This is all getting too real.

Xena smiles sweetly. "Too bad," she says.

As I tidy the kitchen, I realize for the hundredth time that this is how it works. Xena is no sort of service top. It's only satisfying for her if it is real, meaning she's always going to push things just beyond what I would consent to and, because of my kink, there is nothing I can do about it.

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