Sunday, 16 March 2014

Xena casually extends my chastity and denial period by one week!

"Oh well," says Xena sweetly. "You might as well wait until next weekend."

"What? You're crazy!" I say, even as my cock rears up in its cage. "That's nearly 50 days!"

"Well if you won't take your demerits then you don't get an orgasm," says Xena.

It's Saturday night.

In theory I should be getting my orgasm after a forty two day period of chastity and denial. However, and I'm tired, too tired to face the beating I'm due.

...she's wearing some rather nice thigh-length socks - or are they stockings?
The problem is that I didn't sleep well on Friday. Xena was exhausted from work, too exhausted to enjoy more than a massage.

When I suggested "a quicky" she banned me from taking the sexual initiative ever again then fell asleep with an "I love you."

I lay there squirming, vaguely horrified that she had casually taken complete control of my sexuality and at the same time horribly turned on by it.

Meanwhile a strong wind got up making our old Victorian house creak and rattle. What I really needed to do was masturbate just to calm myself down, but of course I hadn't been able to do that for forty two days!

So now, Saturday, I just can't face 30 or so strokes of the riding whip. Even so I'm horny as hell as I give Xena her back rub. It doesn't help that she's wearing some rather nice thigh-length socks - or are they stockings? - and looks as if she's stepped out of my Seafood flapper porn novel.

I laugh.

"What?" she says.

I say, "I can't believe you just did that. And that I can't stop you."

Xena sounds matter of fact. (Sometimes she reminds me of Anya from Buffy)"You wanted me to be in control. So I am."

Earlier in the evening, she'd remarked, "You might want to go and buy a nice bottle of wine."

I'd hurried off into the wind and rain and brought back her favorite red. However it had made me feel out of sorts. On arriving home I'd explained that she needed to be clear when she was giving an order;  "I need you to do..." or even, "Go and do...". Otherwise I would never know when it was OK to argue with her - she doesn't want me to stop being a companion and partner! - and I would never have the opportunity to make a romantic gesture.

So I guess she took that onboard!

"It's for the sake of your eyesight," she jokes. To her it's just funny.

As I thumb her back and shoulder blades, stealing glimpses of the way her warm socks hug her thighs, it comes home to me that I can't even suggest going down on her. I realize - not for the first time - that I have no power anyway. Consent is something of  a joke when your negotiating position is so poor!

...a sepia-tinted vision of Xena in woolen stockings just like the
old photos of Flappers that turn me on so
I wouldn't do anything to risk the Femdom anyway, but without it, I'd have no real sexual relationship with the woman I love.

Better to have uncomfortably long periods of chastity than no chastity! Better to have couple nights when nothing happens than never have anything happen on a couple night!

Better to be a slave in an erotically charged boudoir than a frustrated husband in a dead bedroom.

After a while, Xena rolls over and pulls the covers up and lets me wait under the duvet at her feet.

The light under the duvet is monochrome, and I am treated to a sepia-tinted vision of Xena in woolen stockings just like the old photos of Flappers that so turn me on.

It's enough.

I can go without sex, without orgasm forever, if that forever is punctuated by moments like this when reality tips over and pours into fantasy!

At last she orders me to go down on her. I enter the picture face first, hard in my chastity device.

Life is good.

EDIT The next day she lets me order a Holy Trainer 2!

If you've read this far, I bet you'd like to introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship!


  1. I feel we are in a similar position. My wife enjoys the control over my orgasms but has never really liked the use of the physical device much... until now. I have some mixed feelings about it. I don't really like it from a hygiene standpoint and I don't really like wearing the device at work and gym. However, the physical device DOES make it more real to me and it offers so many teasing opportunities related to lock/key symbolism. Where we get into trouble is when I "top from the bottom" and I am doing really well with that lately and don't want to blow it. It's fun just enjoying the ride. I have been "asking" for her to lock me up for months and out of the blue she told me to. So things are good.

  2. I guess if we weren't ambivalent about all this, then we wouldn't be (some kind of) masochists... ;)


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