Thursday, 20 March 2014

Final review of cheap Chinese Chastity devices A080 and A081 from DHGate

I'm wearing my new Holy Trainer 2.0 as I type this, so I guess I won't be using my stainless steel chastity devices from China again (unless something goes wrong)!

I settled on the A080
The Chinese devices - well, device really, since I settled on the A080, deserve a review since they changed our marriage.

Ultimately, the money we paid for the Holy Trainer was peanuts. However, over GBP 100 for a sex toy feels like an extravagance!

This purchase was only possible because Xena had embraced the idea... actually picked it up and run with it, leaving me chaste for what's looking like 49 days of chastity and denial.

That enthusiasm was only possible because of the cheap Chinese Chastity devices now available!

It's hard, almost impossible, to get a partner to embrace a kink unless they can experience it. However, until recently, the financial barrier to entry to the male chastity experience was way beyond the level of an impulse purchase. There was also the problem of knowing what to get. Buying a chastity device online is a bit like ordering shoes for a sport you are new to, ones that you can't return if they don't fit...

Then along came DHGate and the cheap Chinese knock-offs. For less than the price of a couple of pizzas, you can get a device to experiment with. To a certain extent, you get what you pay for and I have been fortunate that both my devices appear to be stainless steel and are made to a reasonable standard.

So, here's my review:


Both chastity devices arrived well within the promised delivery time and were as described.


Welding etc seemed fine. There were no sharp edges, though the corners on the A-ring locking post can feel spiky.


I have worn the A080 chastity device for up to five days with no problems. Peeing was no problem. The usual advice applies; shower carefully, pull the scrotum around to wash the entire surface, and do the same when drying with a hairdryer on a low heat setting.


It's a ball-gripping chastity cage. It's not secure. However, it never fell off randomly, and I was able to apply my piercing-free anti-pullout system.


As long as you mask the rattle of the padlock and don't wear skintight clothes, nobody will notice.


Once I got the right size, the device was comfortable to wear. (The main thing is to get the smallest device you know will fit.)

Morning wood wasn't a problem at first, however after a few days it became uncomfortable. This was in part the effect of tumescence repeatedly mashing the head of the penis against the bars. Presumably after a few days it becomes bruised and sensitive! That sensation I could cope with.

However, the main issues was feeling that the A-ring was trying to tear off my balls! The square cross section is fine for a couple of days, but then starts to chafe. The fix is to use a bigger ring and put some plastic pipe over it.

Long term wear

In my experience, unmodified, this design is only good for up to five days, less if you are physically active.

My customization might extend that, but then there's the issue of getting water between the piping and the A-ring.


If you identify a reliable supplier, then one of these two cheap Chinese chastity devices is a great lo-risk way of introducing your partner to male chastity without spending so much money they simply get cross with you.

Eventually, you'll want to move on to something more expensive. When you do, you'll have a much better understanding of what you want, and experience with sizing.

Also, the higher end chastity devices will have improved--for example, the Holy Trainer 2.0 I'm wearing now has only just come onto the market. I'm glad I waited a year before upgrading!

Once you have a chastity device, you still have to introduce your partner to the idea. I've written some books that might help you. Why not take a look?

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