Monday, 3 March 2014

Second Sabbatical in Slave Land: Chastity, Denial and Leakage...

It turns out that my slightly smug blog entry of more than a week ago was wrong. I wasn't coming to the end of my chastity marathon.

It's as if, now she knows she has complete control,
she has just let go and started to enjoy it.
We switched back to normal on the Saturday morning, but then the whirl of friends, relatives and sporting commitments took over. Saturday night we both crashed out without "playing". Sunday Xena had work to do and we hit the sack early and slept.

"Ah-ha!" I though. "She's probably forgotten she controls my orgasms." I rather wickedly decided to make her complicit in a longer period of denial. We already had a romantic weekend break planned, which was always going to be a Femdom one. All I had to do was hang on.

So, on Thursday was we drive off to the secluded seaside cottage, I mentioned that I have not had an orgasm for nearly twenty six days.

Xena said, "I know. But you had your chance on Saturday night." Saturday night, she had laughed at me while I squirmed around trying to peg myself.

I added that twenty eight days would be a record for me--I expected to unlock on the Sunday morning and perhaps get off then or in the evening.

Xena laughed. "But that's so near thirty days. Thirty is a nice round number."

My penis went off like an airbag. I squirmed in the passenger seat a vague panic merely fueling my arousal.

Later in the weekend, Xena commented, "How about forty? That's nearer your age." And laughed when I groaned and humped the air.

It's as if, now she knows she has complete control, she has just let go and started to enjoy it. The end result is that I am slightly beyond my comfort zone, trapped by my fetish, and wondering whether tonight I will actually get to come.

Why not introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship?

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