Thursday, 27 March 2014

Showering in your Holy Trainer 2

Since I am now under orders to wear my chastity device whenever practical, I thought I had better test out showering in it.

So, this morning I took a shower in my Holy Trainer 2.

It was a proper shower.

I soaped my man-parts and used the shower-head to squirt water up the tube. I can't speak for the earlier version, but the Version 2 showed no signs of softening in the heat, just a slight tackiness to the surface.

I dried, using the hair drier on my genitals (low setting). I had to take some care over the angle between cock and balls, since that's one spot that doesn't get air circulation. I also blew cool air direct into the tube, which circulated well enough.

The scrotum seemed to look after itself! Unlike with my Chinese device, there was no need to pull the skin back and forward to removed trapped water from the A-ring; the Holy Trainer's plastic seems to repel water.

Then I started my morning routine of chasing contracts.

It was as simple as that--

--which kind of surprised me. I did not expect a tube chastity device to be quite so practical.

A few hours later, I removed the tube to take a look. Everything was dry.

I've no idea if other middle range devices are as good as this. However, it seems to me that the Holy Trainer 2 is fine for showering in, and so suitable for longer term 24/7 wear.

I wear my chastity device because my mistress wife tells me to. Why not find out how to introduce Femdom to your relationship?

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