Thursday, 13 March 2014

Demerits and Domestic Service

Our Sabbatical in Slaveland is long over, but I'm 
still subject to demerits for domestic chores, 
which Xena is increasingly matter of fact 
about applying.
The corner shop doesn't have first class stamps. I think, To hell with it, I'll wait until Xena gets home. She'll have stamps in her handbag.

But even as I'm thinking that, I'm already heading off to walk three blocks to the next shop.

And so Xena's application form goes off well and truly on time.

When I get home, I hang out the washing. Later, after spending most of the day chasing a contract - looking good, by the way - I bring in the washing, add it to the mound of fresh clothes... then carefully sort and fold away everything.

It keeps happening like this. I keep going the extra mile.

Our Sabbatical in Slaveland is long over, but I'm still subject to demerits for domestic chores, which Xena is increasingly matter of fact about applying. For instance, the other day I forgot to buy yogurt for desert... we're sitting at the table having a normal conversation like a normal couple, but Xena casually tells me to add another demerit.

I'm not afraid of the whippings, even though 
they are real punishment
I'm not afraid of the whippings, even though they are real punishment and nothing I would subject myself to just for erotic kicks - what with the sports I do, I'm quite robust - but my unconscious is.

Or perhaps submitting to discipline is enough to make my unconscious take my servitude seriously?

The odd thing is how much I am enjoying this arrangement!

I really don't get a kick out of the chores themselves. Domestic service was always something I played at.

It was an excuse for a whipping, or a kind of bribe to Xena to get her to do Femdom. Now I'm a contented house slave, chasing dust bunnies and cleaning up smudges.

What I think is now going on is this:

  • The chores need doing anyway, so the prospect of demerits and hence a whipping turns the drudgery into an adventure.
  • Total surrender is less stressful than deciding when and how to push back against Xena's domestic demands - exactly what share should a semi-employed househusband do?
  • There's a zen to just getting on with a task to a high standard.
  • It's an expression of our relationship... I mean, if we were having lots of romantic sex, then I would probably do the chores in a romantic way and feel good about it. As it is, we're having lots of Femdom one-sided sex, so domestic servitude works in a similar way.
  • Domestic service is satisfying by association, since it implies demerits implies acknowledging our shared sexuality in non-sexual situations. For a middle aged married couple, any acknowledgment like that is a wonderful thing.
  • A pristine house makes Xena happy. Slavery is an act of giving.

Why not introduce some Female Centered Femdom to your relationship?

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